Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Meat Free, Nut Free: Wedding Food Ideas To Please Everyone

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If you ask someone what their favourite food is, you are almost guaranteed to get a different answer every time. This is simply because no two people are the same – and thank goodness for that!

Anyway, we all have our own food pallet, and ideas about which foods qualify as treats. So where do you begin when trying to cater for everybody and all their unique tastes? Then you have their allergies, intolerances, moral and religious convictions, along with fad diets and ideologies to consider when creating your meal plan.

Where do you start? Can you design something that will keep everyone happy? What foods are ‘safe’ for everyone and can additionally have the power to impress and amaze?

Here are a few ideas to inspire you when creating your own menu plan:

food ideas

1. Let’s start with the starters

Soup is always safe and one of the most obvious starters to begin with. There are multiple flavours to choose from and it can be served with gluten free bread made from rice flour, which can be just as delicious as normal bread – although is often better toasted.

On that note, other ideas for starters include burnt leeks on gluten free toast with spicy tomato sauce, minty griddled courgettes, cauliflower with rice & lentil salad, or maybe a lentil or chickpea-based soup with mixed veg.

No matter what, going vegan is the safest, but avoiding anything with flour and nuts is the best way to search for different delicious recipes that suit all.

2. The main meal

Imagine this: stuffed peppers with cous cous, mixed veg and smoked gouda topped with a taste of sweet chilli inside. Or how about some Mediterranean style veggies with rice and an avocado yoghurt style dressing? Or some classic sweet potato fries with an ‘everything free’ pie and a basic side of peas. These are all delicious meals that taste so good you would hardly notice that they cater for all food types.

3. Always room for desert!

Now this is everyone’s favourite, right? Not for those who must endure watching everyone else enjoying a heated half melted chocolate cake with clotted cream ice-cream on the side, knowing they must also stick to their own gluten-free diet. Could there be another dessert that could ignite the same level of excitement, but still be respectful of all dietary requirements?

Well there is nothing more special than a fruit salad and sorbet covered in mango or raspberry coulis…and displayed inside a melon carving of a swan! Carving swan apples only takes 5 minutes. It changes the whole experience of having to go without cake – you won’t even notice as you dig in to your very own delicious piece of art work.

4. Forty for tea please…

Including the option of herbal tea is a very good and inclusive way of respecting those who are dairy free, and the selection of ‘free from’ tray bakes are growing in variety and in quality of taste. Check them out at any super market and be pleasantly surprised. One favourite is caramelised rice cakes.