Despite Rising Cost Of Weddings NI Guests Are Still The Most Generous

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According to a new survey, being a wedding guest could cost a whopping £400 per person and guests in Northern Ireland are the most generous.

The figures, which were released by Nationwide, analysed the mounting costs of being a wedding attendee from going to the stag or hen party, buying gifts and clothes and turning up at the ceremony,

According to the figures the rising costs and expectations of attending a wedding is one of the main reasons why a quarter of people have declined a wedding invitation, while around one in six (16%) have become overdrawn or borrowed money to be able to attend.

Pre-wedding Celebrations

It would seem that the average cost of celebrating at the stag or hen party could set party-goers back over £150 [£153] with a quarter of people questioned admitted to paying over £200 for a night of fun.  Interestingly stags spend more than hens (£171 vs £134) and are more likely to go abroad (12% vs 6%).

Thankfully, for the wallets that is, a traditional local night out on the town (41%) remains the most popular choice.

25 to 34 year olds are the age group spending the most, at £217 with the amount still steadily declining as people reach 55 and over, where it more than halves to an average of £104.

When it comes to what stag and hens spend on each element of the pre-wedding celebrations, hens only spend more than stags on the outfit, where stags tend to spend more on everything else.

The Wedding Day

According to the Nationwide Survey guests are spending on average £249 per person on the day itself.  The 18-24 age group are spending the least at £141 whilst the over 55s are splashing the cash spending an average of £301.

When it comes to gifts, people in Northern Ireland are the most generous, spending £64, while people in Wales are the least generous spending £40. The younger age groups are also less generous, spending £30 less than those aged over 55 (£29 compared to £59).

So what can you do to prepare for an upcoming wedding?

The financial advisors at Nationwide are advising guests to set their budget in advance of the wedding and not to feel pressurised into spending more that you can afford.
From car sharing and looking for cheaper accommodation it is possible to cut the costs without cutting down on the experience.  And of course you can always save in advance and make a holiday out of your trip.
By Tina Calder, Excalibur Press