Did Someone Say Cheese?

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By Vanessa Pope

You should have gathered by now, if not please see recommended reading list of blog posts 1-19, that the prospect of posing for photos all day on September 10 next year does not exactly fill me with glee. Though I think I should be praised for using Quality Street and mince pies to rapidly enlarge my derriere, I am as yet, no Kim Kardashian and remain a tad camera shy.

After the venue and band, the next biggest consideration for most couples is that of the photographer and it’s easy, to understand why – even for me. The photos are of course the day documented, they are memories in hard-copy format that will stand both the test of time and the test of the champagne haze. The photographer can capture those moments that you’re sure to miss such as the tear in Dad’s eye or the page boy eyeing up the cake.

Of course some couples don’t have the sentimental streak and preferring to live in the here and now, shirk the idea of a professional photographer altogether and more power to them. We knew, despite being somewhat uncomfortable with the process on the day, we would definitely want the photographs afterwards, you know, just in case anyone (not me) has too much champagne.

Additionally, and let me be very honest here, with the army of helpers I’ve employed to get me ready in the morning, it’s fair to say I’ll probably never look as good again! I’m going to need evidence. Then, ten years down the line when Mr Brady comes into the living room to find me still in my pjs, Kim K derrière now fully achieved, makeup free and two days past needing my hair washed I can point him to the photographs and say “remember me not as I am now but as I once was”.

pjs woman

Choosing a photographer for a wedding in Spain is much the same as choosing one at home. Our wedding planner Sonya gave us an extensive list of photographers working in and around Nerja and we spent several weeks looking through all of their work and reading online testimonials after which we knew that we were completely and utterly confused! How do you pick one when they all look amazing?

We went back to Sonya like the children we are crying “help us” and of course she did. After a chat with her and then a chat with the man himself, we ended up deciding on the brilliant Bob Long, a BAFTA award winning documentary maker if you don’t mind! Everything we’ve heard about Bob is amazing, from his warm and light hearted demeanour to his unobtrusive style of photography. We’re told that most of the time, we won’t even know he’s there which I like the sound of as it gives me a chance to pretend I’m a celebrity being stalked by paparazzi for the day. I must remember to add oversized black sunglasses and a baseball cap to my accessories list.

Bob Long

We’re looking forward to meeting Bob in person on our next visit to Nerja in April. At that meeting, we hope to impress upon him how odd and unusual we are and so if he manages to get five decent shots of us, he’ll be doing well. I kid of course. Bob is a true professional and from everything we’ve gathered he’ll have no trouble in getting plenty of great shots of us on the day. If not, he can always move on to the guests!

We hit another roadblock when it came to the idea of filming the day. A lot of couples these days aren’t bothering. They feel the photos are more than enough to remember the day and the presence of a video camera in the proceedings can have everyone running home? We went back and forth on the idea. Would we ever actually watch it? Might it get lost among my Friends boxset discs never to be heard of again? Do we want our guests to feel massively uncomfortable? Yeah we do! They’ll be in Spain – where can they run to really?

A lot of couples talk of regret at not having one and regret is something I don’t handle well and when I do experience it, I usually find reasons to turn it into blame which I can then direct at Mr Brady. So we’re getting a video. Hey, if we don’t like it, at least we can redub it with the rocky soundtrack and have a laugh some night. Plus, people say it’s good to have to show the kids though why people keep talking to me about goats I’ll never know…..