Don’t Go It Alone: Here’s Why You Absolutely Need A Wedding Photographer

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When it comes to your wedding day photography, it can be easy in this day and age to consider relying on your friends and family and their smart phones rather than pay out for a professional. However, if there’s one thing you really need to keep at the top of the priority list it’s definitely the photography. Don’t be tempted to scrimp and save, it won’t be worth the stress.

Here are 8 reasons why:

1. Capturing The Moment

A wedding photographer captures the important moments, and tells the beautiful story of your special day. Your day will go by in a flash, and you’re going to want something tangible to look back on and treasure.

2. Creating Memories

You will be super busy, so there are loads of moments you’re going to miss out on. As well as those, there are moments you’re going to want to relive for years to come – from the ceremony, to the flowers and cake, and the touching moments in between.

3. The Things You Don’t See

Photographers are with you for moments that may not seem important at the time, but can be excellent opportunities for capturing heart-warming and emotional shots. The most professional photographers blend in to the background, so you’ll hardly notice them at all, and they are experts at capturing candid moments – from getting ready with your bridesmaids, to the emotion on your partner’s face when they see you for the first time, to the pride in your parents’ eyes.

4. Quality Wall Hangings

Many couples want high quality images to display in their home, or give to friends and family as gifts. Truly the only way to get these images is through professional wedding photography.

5. Avoid Disappointment

It’s not recommended to let a family friend who is half decent with a smartphone camera take your wedding photos. Likewise, you shouldn’t rely on letting your guests take your photos. In most circumstances, you will end up disappointed. At best you’ll get a lot of blurry, over-exposed shots, at worst your guests will become bored (or slightly intoxicated!) and give up being photographer for the day to join in the fun.

6. You Can’t Beat Experience

Experienced wedding photographers have tons of experience – they know what times are best suited for what shots, they make rallying the troops for the group photos look easy, and they can get little ones to stay at peace for five minutes for the perfect portrait.

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7. You Can Shop Around

If budget is your main concern – remember that there are a vast range of professional wedding photographers out there, with a variety of styles and packages to suit all needs, so you will find something that works for you.

8. Save Budget Where No One Will Notice

Guests aren’t likely to notice if you save a little money on items like the flowers and cake in order to make your budget stretch, and today you can opt for a digital only photo album – you can always make a physical photo album or get prints done later.