Dressing The Groom: From The Bow Tie To The Shoes

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In most of the movies and books about weddings a lot of the dress and look focuses on the bride, so when it comes to dressing the groom it can be hard to know where to start. From the bow tie to the shoes, we’ve got you covered. Here are 6 steps to dressing the groom.


1. The Bow Tie
The signature to many wedding looks, if your groom plans on wearing a bow tie make sure he knows just how many options there are. From quirky personal ones that have brighter patterns and references to his passions, to the smart and well-designed bow ties that add elegance to a wedding, it’s a key decision. If you want to go somewhere in between, a colour like burgundy or a dark blue can be an interesting option.



2. Suit/Tux
Make sure that his attire suits the wedding aesthetic and atmosphere. For instance, if it’s an outdoor wedding you can opt for something a little more casual like a lighter coloured suit, whereas if it’s an evening occasion a darker suit or tux is more appropriate. This could include a black tailcoat, white shirt and bow tie.

Make sure that the suit or tux works with his body type. That means that if he needs a little bulk then go for a double breasted suit, or if he needs something slimming try a fitted suit that nips in at the waist. He also needs to match you so make sure that if his suit is modern, it works with your dress. Of course, the most important thing is that it fits well so don’t be afraid to have alterations made.



3. Separates
As an alternative option to a suit or tux, separates are a less formal and interesting way to dress for a wedding. Pick a blazer, a shirt and some trousers to create a personal look. They don’t have to perfectly match and can be made of interesting colour combinations and patterns are welcome. This one really opens up your options.



4. Cufflinks
This is your groom’s chance to stand out from the crowd and express his personality. Try cufflinks in a contrasting colour or style to the overall theme so that they stand out. Their size will ensure that they remain subtle, but they will be utterly unique. Another fun thing to do is have the groomsmen wear one colour while the groom wears a different one. They could even be themed to suit one of his hobbies or interests.



5. The Shoes
Just like the suit/tux, the colour of the shoe depends on the formality of the wedding. Brown is traditionally more casual while black is more formal. Also consider that brown shoes only really go with navy suits. Other colours like burgundies and blues exist and can be a creative solution to an outfit. Do your research on the styles of men’s wedding shoes from the Oxford, the Derby, the Monk, the Loafer and the Last to decide what might be most appropriate, taking into count personal tastes, age, and the rest of the wedding plans.


By Jessikah Hope Stenson, Excalibur Press

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