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Considering our Bride and Groom have self titled themselves as “geeks” we wouldn’t have expected (or been happy with) anything less than a Quirky Wedding Fair to gather up some ideas. During her wedding dress weekend featured last week, Catherine, her Mum and two of her bridesmaids visited the Quirky Wedding/ Alternative Wedding Fair. Over to Catherine. 🙂 


It’s been a very productive week since my last post! If you recall I mentioned I’d be heading to Quirky Wedding Alternative Wedding Fair in the Waterfront in Belfast!

This was my second visit to the fair. Last February, I attended it as a girlfriend. The wonderful Cate Conway invited me again this year as a blogger, which was just lovely (thank you Cate!).

It was amazing this time going with a date (the last time we went we ended up making up a date for our non-existent wedding due to everyone asking when it was!). There were some incredible vendors there again and I am planning on doing interviews with some of the super awesome ones (all of them were incredible!).

I thought I’d give you a quick guide to attending a Wedding fair!

  • Do your research – have a look at the fair’s website, or ask friends who have been there before. Having an idea of what companies and services are going to be there can help. It can be a very overwhelming experience at your first wedding fair!


  • Make a list of questions – what are you looking for, is there a particular service or product you want to research, what would you like to know from the venue, what are your burning questions? Use your phone, or a notepad to record these so you don’t forget!


  • Take a friend/parent/partner – don’t attempt it alone as you’ll need someone to bounce ideas off, help gather information and get a second opinion. I brought my mum and two of my bridesmaids!


  • Wear comfortable shoes!


  •  Don’t forget your diary so you can schedule any appointments and work out dates


  • Quotes – be sure to collect as many quotes as possible so you can compare and contrast once you are home, don’t get carried away by the details and distracted by the free samples!


  • Take your wedding scrapbook / swatches / colours. If you have settled on your colour theme, or have strong ideas about decor – don’t forget to take samples, or your scrapbook of ideas to show to the suppliers. They will be able to give you advice and bounce off your ideas, and you’ll find out if they are doable or just wild fantasy! It may also help to secure more realistic quotes if a supplier can visualise your ideas.


  •  Fill in all the free prizes and give-a-ways – you never know what you might win! There were some amazing prizes!


  • Consider setting up an email address specifically for your wedding – to give to wedding suppliers, this will prevent lots of annoying spam and you can close this account after the wedding.


The most important thing is to enjoy yourself! Take the chance to check things out that you might not normally have thought of.  Check out the video below I made featuring some of the incredible suppliers!

Don’t forget to click on the tags for more information! You can even buy the track from within the video!


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A good list of advice there. I would recommend noting those down for future reference. 😉 We can’t wait to see what ideas they have extracted from the Quirky Fair. 🙂 All to come. 😉 Next week James is back with a bit of Honeymoon talk.