Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Insurance

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Planning and preparation are key when it comes to ensuring that your wedding goes off without a hitch, but with so much to consider, planning for your big day can be very stressful, which is probably why most couples don’t really want to think about what could happen if it all goes wrong.

According to the National Wedding Survey, the average cost of getting married in the UK has hit an all-time high of just over £30,000. For most couples this represents a significant investment, which like all investments should be protected in the eventuality that any element of your big day doesn’t go according to plan.

With so many suppliers to be relied upon for one never-to-be-repeated day, we’ve gathered together all of the necessary information in one place, so you can decide if you need to take out wedding insurance:

What is wedding insurance?

Many companies offer an insurance policy to provide you with compensation in the event that any individual elements of your wedding day go wrong, or in the event that the entire day is unable to go ahead. The amount of cover you buy is usually based on the total cost of your wedding, and you can usually purchase insurance up to two years in advance of the big day.

What does wedding insurance cover?

Wedding insurance commonly covers things such as: loss of, or damage to, outfits such as the Bride’s dress or Groom’s suit; loss of, or damage to, wedding presents; cancellation of the wedding due to the venue going into administration; cancellation of the wedding due to the Bride or Groom, or a close relative of the Bride or Groom, becoming ill or dying; suppliers letting you down on the day, such as the caterers, florist, entertainment, photographer, etc.

What does wedding insurance not cover?

Wedding insurance commonly does not cover things such as: cancellation of the wedding due to pregnancy; cancellation of the wedding due to either party getting cold feet; stolen or lost wedding presents in the form of cash gifts; the cost of the honeymoon. Each policy is different so it’s important to read the small print to ensure that the type of cover you are purchasing is suitable for your wedding and individual circumstances, and many things that are typically excluded can be bolted on for an additional fee.

How much does wedding insurance cost?

The price of the insurance policy will depend on the total cost of your wedding and how much the policy will pay out in the event that you make a claim. Cover starts from as little as £25, which pays out up to £6,000 in the event of a cancellation, up to a policy that costs just over £200, which pays out up to £50,000 in the event of a cancellation.

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Do I really need wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is generally viewed as a cost-effective method of ensuring compensation in the event of anything going wrong, while offering that all-important peace of mind during what can be quite a stressful time. Ultimately, the decision to purchase wedding insurance or not rests with the happy couple, but it’s often better to safe than sorry.

By Rachel Doherty