Extras You Might Forget To Add To Your Wedding Day Budget

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There are a million and one things to think about when it comes to organising a wedding, making planning essential. It’s a good idea to work out your budget before you start spending to make ensure you don’t over-spend on something and have to sacrifice something else. When you’re making out your budget some items do get overlooked, and these items build up. But don’t fret, just refer to this list below to make sure you include all the little things in your final budget.

Here are 6 extras that may have slipped your mind:

Dress Alterations

After you have found the perfect dresses for both you and your bridesmaids, remember to leave a little money in the kitty for any alterations that may be needed. Your dress may need taken in or shortened. As well as final touches to the bridal gown, it is likely that at least one of your bridesmaids will need some alterations as well. And don’t forget the accessories as well. The right shoes and jewellery can make or break a wedding outfit.

Room Décor

Your flower arrangements are not the only décor you will have to think about when it comes to your ceremony and reception. It’s a good idea to check exactly what your venue has as there may be hidden costs in things like ordering table linens, table decorations, candles etc. If you want the room dressed professionally it can increase your spend quite a bit.


Hair and Beauty Trials

You may have accounted for the costs of having your hair and makeup done but don’t forget to include the trials as well. You may want to trial your hair and makeup with your bridesmaids, not to mention nails and spray tans (if you plan on having one). You don’t want any surprises on the day so set some money aside for trial runs as well.


You have probably figured in the cost of the main sit-down meal for everyone but don’t forget about meals like breakfast and lunch for the likes of your bridesmaids and best men, who will probably be with you most of the day. Your ‘crew’ will also need feeding if you can afford it. People like your florist and photographer will benefit from some food throughout the day. No one works well on an empty stomach!


People like to have nice favours for their guests, and sometimes adding personal touches can add up cost wise. While one item can seem very reasonable, don’t forget you will need large amounts of whatever it is you’re ordering – be it personalised sweets or mini champagnes, don’t forget to add it to your budget.

Corkage and Set Up Charges

If you plan to save a bit of money by buying your own wine rather than having your venue supply it, make sure you check and see what the corkage rate is. Also, a lot of companies will not only charge you for the rental of certain items, they may charge an additional amount for the set-up. For example, you may need to pay a marquee company a fee for the rental of the tent then an additional fee for someone to set it up for you.

By Jennifer Warnock, Excalibur Press