Our Favourite Wedding Dresses From The Movies

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One of the most memorable, show stopping moments during any couples big day is seeing ‘The Dress’ for the first time. Everyone smiles at the beautiful dress, carefully chosen by the radiant bride. She is beaming and happily expressing her own personality through her outfit.

Through the years the movies have brought us many a show stopping moment and excellent wedding scenes are no exception. Whether its a comedy, a romance, a silent movie or just a tear jerker…the dress always has an impact on the audience. Here are some of our favourites!

Mama Mia

Mama Mia indeed! This flowing gown really captures the atmosphere of a Summer wedding. Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) looked like a goddess in a Grecian-inspired dress, which inspired many a bride-to-be at the end of the comedy musical.01d754bd

Father of the Bride

Stressed out parent George Banks (Steve Martin) wasn’t really ready to let go of his daughter in the 90’s classic ‘Father of the Bride’.

The bride Annie (Kimberly Williams) looks picture perfect in the lace and satin ball gown which was very much in style during the time the comedy was made.

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Runaway Bride

Julia Roberts dazzles in this popular movie, the most important dress being an off the shoulder lace, embroidered gown. We all wanted to be on that horse. In that dress.

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Funny Face

Wow. This dress would be called retro nowadays but imagine how cutting edge this Givency number was at the time ‘Funny Face’ was made! Audrey Hepburn looks stunning in this jaw dropping dress. Can we have those shoes as well please? Fashion Icon.

Monica and Chandler

Ok, this duo weren’t in a movie but how could we forget them… Not a dry eye in the house! The flattering white satin dress with modern lines teamed up with beautiful accessories made us all gasp in unison when the memorable Friends episode aired.

The Wedding Singer

This sweet romantic comedy is set in the 80’s, a time when anything goes as far as wedding dress styles go! The movie showcases quite a few show stopping looks. Drew Barrymore looks 100% eighties bride in the white dress that had us all secretly wishing for a style and music revival.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Opa! We all remember this detailed and flattering dress from the movie ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’. Fitted sleeves and an A-line cut give this dress a ‘princess’ feel. The comedy movie makes us want to go to Greece where they just love a good knees up. Despite all of the hilarious family hurdles,Toula Portokalos (Nia Vardalos) made it down the aisle wearing a “frosted cupcake” dress to marry Ian Miller (John Corbett) with minimal damage.


Love Actually

Tissues at the ready, its ‘Love Actually’. A movie that makes us all think about the complications that can sometimes arrive with love and romance. What isn’t complicated at all is how Kiera Knightly dazzles in the quirky wedding dress at the start of the movie. We love it, actually…

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The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn

What an atmosphere and what a dress! Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) carries the Carolina Herrera long sleeve silk dress with a gothic open lace back beautifully.

The dress suited the epic romance and has a timeless feel to it. We were all glad to see this pair finally tying the knot, even though there may have been tears of jealousy from quite a few females across the globe!

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Sex and the City

How could we forget Carrie’s stunning Vivienne Westwood gown. This dress much like Carries character in the movie, speaks for itself. And we’re very glad they do! The wedding may not have been a success, but the dress is one we will always remember.

By Debbie Pielou, Excalibur Press

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