Flower Girl Inspiration

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The flower girl is traditionally a representation of innocence leading the bride to her new life as a wife and mother. However the traditional style of the flower girl is not as prominent. These are a few ideas which may inspire you on how to style your mini bride.



Beautiful rustic, personalised boxes filled with flower petals to line the aisle for the brides arrival.


Perfect Match

This flower girl dress is a perfect match to the decor.


Delicate Detailing

A headband is a great way to add detail without making to much of a fuss with the hair.


Darker Dresses

Flower girls are typically dressed in white as a symbol of purity however colour is less of an issue. This navy dress is far from white but still as beautiful.

Sweet Treat

All children like sweets, so why not create a bouquet out of their favourite sweet treat. This one has been made from lollies and ribbon. Carrying sweets rather than flowers may be an incentive to keep hold of their bouquet and can be a gift for after the wedding as well.


Casual styling

These dresses have more of a casual look to them however would be beautiful in the summer with a perfectly match bouquet.


Flower Ball

A flower ball with a ribbon handle is much easier to hold. This idea would be perfect for a younger flower girl.


Mini Bride

styling your flower girl dress on your wedding dress is a lovely idea. This lace back flower girl dress is stunning.


Flower Wand

Again perfect for a younger flower girl, a flower wand is more like a toy than a bunch of flowers.


Mixing Colours

Bridesmaid dresses are increasingly becoming more adventurous with colours so why not do the same with the flower girl.


Thank you

The perfect gift can be included in the wedding. This jewellery set can wore on the day and kept as a keep sake for years to come.


Flower Head Piece

More traditional a headband make from the wedding flowers is great way to tie in the colours of your wedding and match the wedding party flowers.