Getting Ready For The Wedding: Give Yourself A Break

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With over 3 billion women in the world, it’s time we gave ourselves a break.  

We’ve all had that voice… the one where it niggles away at you in the middle of the night and your thoughts turn to: “I’m too fat to look pretty in a wedding dress… I hate the gym… If I start a diet now and lose 2lb a week I might be at my goal weight by the wedding”.

You spend hours with your bridesmaids pouring through the bridal magazines, cooing over dresses all the while thinking: “She is so pretty/tall/skinny/has boobs/is petite.”  

Think about that figure – 3 BILLION women.  None of us are the same, we are all uniquely beautiful.  

What you hate about yourself, I guarantee someone is looking enviously at it.  B Cup?  A DD is wishing she had yours.

Curvy hips? An athletically built girl wants those so bad.

With so many filters out there we just can’t post a picture without ‘fixing’ something about ourselves.  

Your gorgeous partner, the one you absolutely adore has proposed to you.  Little old you.  You, that sees all these imperfections that they either don’t see or it is their favourite thing about you.  Things like that little mole on your cheek, your long elegant fingers, your extra ‘wobbly’ bits.  They are usually their absolute favourite thing about you.  

Wedding dress shops will have many dresses that won’t suit your figure and plenty that will.  Your perfect dress that makes you look like a rockstar is also the dream dress of someone who just doesn’t suit it.  

It’s time to own it, to take back your power.  You’re gorgeous and you’re getting married!

When those little insecurities strike think of three positive things about yourself, three wonderful unique things that you like about you, like that freckle on your toe, it’s cute, isn’t it? See.

Oh and by the way, your bridesmaids are panicking that they won’t look good either.  

Time to take back your individuality… you’re perfect.  And that’s exactly why he’s marrying you!

By Rebecca Armstrong, Excalibur Press