Girls Just Want to Have Fun – 5 Flower Girl Jobs For Your Little Ladies

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The little princesses in your life will be beyond excited for your wedding day and itching for their moment to shine as they twirl in their beautiful dresses and make their way down the aisle before you. But what is expected off these little ladies?

With the average age being around 2 -11, from toddlers to that not-quite-a-teen-but-not-quite-a-little-kid age bracket, certain jobs are more suited to different age groups.

Here is our quick fire guide to who can do what when it comes to your Flower Girls:

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1. Petal Sprinkles

Fun, pretty, elegant and princess-like, this is the dream job for the younger girls in your party. Walking ahead of you and your bridesmaids, your Flower Girls can cover your aisle with petals for your romantic entrance.

2. Elegant Aisle Walk

For the older girls who are all about being “grown up,” allow them to walk down the aisle after the younger ones but before the Bridesmaids with a small bouquet. Beautiful, centre of attention, included in the bridal party but not handed a ‘baby’ or ’embarrassing’ job, your older girls will shine like the gorgeous young ladies they are.

3. Assisting the Little Ones

If you have a mix of ages in your bridal party, use the older Flower Girls to help the younger ones to walk and sprinkle petals. They could even assist the younger Page Boys or vice-versa. They will appreciate the responsibility and trust put upon them.

4. Bubble Blowers

With some venues not allowing confetti, your Flower Girls can team up with your Page Boys as you leave and blow bubbles for your photos as you leave your church or as you go off for photos in the gardens. This way you don’t run the risk of too many guests essentially soaking you in bubble liquid and your hair doesn’t get wrecked from water for your photos.

5. Readings

Some little girls are born entertainers so why not use that confidence and ask them to read a favourite verse or poem during the ceremony. If they are especially talented you could ask them to perform a special song or mini-performance.

By Rebecca Armstrong