Groomsmen Gifts

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When it comes to your wedding day, don’t forget a gift for your bestman and groomsmen.

After all this is the group of men closest to your hubby-to-be and they are the ones who will keep your groom sane, on top of things on the morning of the wedding, and who will have him at the altar (with rings) long ahead of you.

The groom has probably chosen his best buddies who have shared many good times with him, and stuck by him through the bad times. Maybe some are his brothers, his cousins or other relatives.

Either way, you will want to get something to thank them for standing up with him on your wedding day. You will need to consult with your fiancé on this one. Get him to think of something he wished he had but would never think of buying for himself.

If you personalise your groomsmen gifts, perhaps with their nickname and the date, you have made that present unique for them. If you opt to go down the classic token route, engraved cufflinks are always a popular choice and will go nicely with the suits you have bought the lads to wear on the day. The suits themselves are a valuable present which they are likely to get more wear out of on future occasions.

Another popular choice is the engraved flask or a wallet. You could get a keepsake box for ties, tie clips, watches, etc. or a shaving kit or pocket-knife. You could also opt for a shoeshine kit or a fountain pen.

Although more popular than these, is likely to be a classic watch. A lot of men will prefer practicality or a fun gift.

So, why not opt for a good old-fashioned meal or clothes voucher which will always go down well. Or even better, purchase tickets to a music gig or a concert, or a sporting occasion such as the Six Nations or a premiership match.