Groomzilla: They Exist! Here’s How To Deal With One

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In this age of equality, gone are the days when a bride could claim a wedding was all about her, and men are taking their rightful place in the decision-making process and getting as much out of the celebrations as their partners. But what happens when things get a bit highly strung?

It has been well documented how wedding preparations can morph even the gentlest female into a fully-fledged Bridezilla, however as more men step away from the alpha male stereotype, a new phenomenon has arrived.

Immortalised in the 2017 TV movie Groomzilla, tears and tantrums are no longer exclusively in a bride’s repertoire as grooms adopt this strategy to get their own way over wedding demands.

Recent surveys show the modern groom is taking on more responsibility with the wedding plans, but if you notice yours is displaying classic ‘zilla tendencies, such as becoming unreasonably demanding, unwilling to compromise, and turning the celebrations to be all about him, here are some tips on how to keep things balanced.

1. Compromise is key

If he has his heart set on the colours of his favourite football team as a theme for the wedding and is displaying the same willingness to compromise as a toddler at bedtime, you’re on the edge of a full meltdown. Firstly, pick your battles. If the colours can be incorporated, then agree to it and use them subtly in the bridal party’s accessories, or in the flowers. If the team’s colours are fluorescent orange or you can’t cope with them, why not suggest he pays homage to his team by getting socks, or cufflinks, or even a football themed stag do. Just remember, it’s his day too.

2. Communication, communication, communication

Right from the outset, if you are both involved in the planning and get a say in what your big day will look like, Zilladom maybe avoided entirely. Tantrums usually occur when one party feels their needs are being ignored and keeping the lines of communication open throughout the process helps to avoid that situation.

3. Diffuse the tension

If your groom is getting too caught up in the detail and is ready to explode, take time to remind him what it’s all for and that it’s supposed to be fun. As part of the planning, arrange some time out just for the two of you to keep in mind the end result.

One thing to keep in mind is the Groomzilla state is self-limiting and once the wedding is over, your partner will be returned to his usual lovely self.