Guests – 8 Wedding Gift Ideas On A Budget

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Being invited to share a couple’s wedding celebrations is a real treat, and you’ll likely wish to show your appreciation by choosing a special gift. But what if money is tight? After buying your outfit and factoring in costs such as travel, drinks and possibly hen and stag do’s, it might be overwhelming to consider how much you’ll have to reserve for a decent gift as well. There are, however, plenty of wedding present ideas that will show your gratitude and not break the bank.

Here are 8 wedding gift solutions if you’re on a budget:

1. Personalised items

One of the cheapest ways to make an ordinary gift special is to personalise it. Whether it’s matching towels, cutlery, jewellery or linens, there are countless affordable ideas to choose from. Embroidering or engraving can usually be done cheaply, just check beforehand for examples so you’re guaranteed a good quality finish.

2. Family heirlooms

If you are a close friend or relative of the couple and want to give them something really special, a family heirloom that means something to you is a great choice. As long as it’s something you are willing to part with, a piece of family jewellery or furniture, a special token from a grandparent’s wedding day, or even an aged fine wine are all beautiful ways of giving thanks to the newlyweds.

3. Check the registry

Make sure you check the registry for a list of smaller, less expensive gifts. You could even choose a couple of small items and combine them together as a gift set. There are usually plenty of little but important items listed that may get overlooked, such as home accessories and other practical bits and bobs.

4. Date-Night-In Hamper

For a cheap, cute gift that will also give the couple an excuse to take a breather after their wedding celebrations, pick up all the things they’ll need for a romantic date-night-in: wine, dvds, chocolates, bubble bath, popcorn and maybe a soft, fluffy blanket for them to snuggle under. Present the gifts in a hamper and decorate with cellophane and ribbons or flowers.

5. Experiences for two

Groupon and other websites offer plenty of one-of-a-kind experiences for two that make fantastic wedding gifts, and many of them can be purchased for under £100. Go-karting, a hot-air balloon ride or an afternoon of wine-tasting are all experiences that will give the couple quality time together and create happy memories.

6. Dinner and a show

Tickets to a theatre show and a reservation for a meal can be presented to the couple in a gift hamper along with a bottle of wine or a box of confectionery. This can make for an affordable but special gift that they’ll likely appreciate in the weeks after when the wedding high dies down.

7. Homemade and homegrown

If you’re a plant lover and take pride in your garden skills, putting together a beautiful bouquet and potting some flower seeds will make for a touching wedding gift. Likewise, if you grow some of your own food or are a talented cook, you can collect a large gift box of homegrown, organic produce or delicious recipes and present them in a hand-decorated crate, complete with wild flowers and ribbons.

8. Art and crafts

Arty types have a great advantage when it comes to giving gifts – most people love to receive personal, handmade presents that you won’t get anywhere else. Portraits, hand-decorated photo albums, memory boxes and pottery are all perfect for those wanting to give something special without paying a fortune.

By Abby Williams