Handling Tragedy At A Wedding

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As difficult as it is to admit, tragedy is an unavoidable part of life. Things happen every day, whether it be death, illness, accident or injury, and unfortunately these thing don’t stop happening because there’s a wedding on.

So how do we handle this at a wedding? What is the best thing to do in terms of handling the situation without ruining everyone’s day and everyone’s memories?

Obviously the situation depends on how serious the problem is and whether it’s happening to the bridal party or to the guest. A guest has the option of slipping away quietly if needs be, to deal with their situation in private. However, should something happen involving the Bride, the Groom or their family, things are not so simple.

Here is our guide, to helping in any way you can, should the worst case scenario occur.

Space – Should something unfortunate happen to the Bride, Groom or one of their family members, give them the space to deal with it. Guests and well wishers, although trying to help, often make matters worse by crowding the situation and fraying tempers. Only involve yourself if you are a close friend or family member.

Help From Afar – Gather up cards and presents, group together lost property, offer people lifts home if you are able. Doing these little things will take the pressure off the families involved and will be appreciated a lot.

Don’t Gossip – By all means talk about the incident among your family and close friends, offer to help in any way you can. Don’t be that busy body running to every person, telling them what has happened in a bid to start a conversation. It’s insensitive and it makes you look very silly, especially if you don’t know the family that well.

Show Compassion – Where appropriate, wish the family members well, offer hugs and kind words and let them know you are there should the need anything at all.