Hottest Summer 2017 Wedding Trends

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The summer is an amazing time to have a wedding as it allows us to enjoy some of in the outdoors – that’s if we get the weather of course! August is the most popular month to have a wedding and some of us will have three or four weddings to attend over this period nearly every year.

This infographic from Valentina Fine Diamonds takes you through the biggest wedding trends from the summer.

For example, wedding food trucks are becoming more popular and these don’t work half as well if you have your wedding in the winter. Who doesn’t love when a food truck turns up at a wedding full of yummy food. This is especially nice if you’re after a few glasses of wine!

A winter wedding even gives you the opportunity to have some outdoor seating. Why not have some glamorous seating, outdoor bay hales, or decorated swings. These are a great way to bring something different to your wedding.

Another trend growing in popularity and perfect for summer are signature cocktails. His and her cocktails are a great way to show off your personality and your story as a couple. Find out more in the infographic.