How To Be Ruthless With Your Guest List

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Your mum is on the phone wanting to invite Great Aunt Hilda’s neighbour’s son and daughter and your in-laws to-be have more family members than the Kardashians. Neither of you want these people there, at the very least you don’t know them, and at worst you just can’t afford it. So how do you cull this ever growing guest list?

Here are our frank and painless pointers to a hassle free, ‘who-is-that-in-the-purple-hat’ perfect day:

1. Culling Family

A tad tricky if you are a close knit family but still very doable. Use the 1 Year Rule: Of course you are inviting the family you see all the time, but far flung family members need to be culled by thinking “Have I socialised or been in the same company as these people in the past year?” If the answer is ‘No’ it’s a pen strike through the name.

2. Culling Friends

With friends, ruthlessness is needed with full force and the taking of no prisoners. Use the 6 Month Rule: Have you had a cuppa with this person in the last 6 months? Have you had nights out with them in 6 months? Have you had a lot of great conversations with this person in the past 6 months? Yes? They get a tick. No? See ya later at the evening do. Remember you have a budget. You are going to be forking out an average of £50 per person for your meal. Are you so fond of this person as to spend that on them or would you rather club the money together that you’ve saved and put it in your honeymoon fund? Or that Champagne Fountain that you really want but ‘can’t afford’ because of a few names you feel pressured to invite. That’s what evening receptions are for.

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3. Drama Llamas

Finally, and probably the most important question to ask yourself, is the ‘Do I Actually Like This Person’ Rule. We all have a couple of friends that breeze in and out of your life like a tornado of drama and ‘hashtag omg.’ You have known them forever, but they drain the absolute life out of you. One day with them makes you feel jaded, a little down and gives you the realisation that they have talked about themselves for a full 3 hours straight. You know exactly who I am talking about! Again, evening reception at a push or “it’s a small family wedding” is the perfect excuse.

Remember, it is YOUR big day. You and your partner. Your money, your budget, your decision!