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If you can’t dream it, you can make it

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(Range of cakes from ‘The Cake Pantry’, Donegal)

Wedding dresses, wedding themes and wedding cake designs, what do they all have in common? They all go in and out of fashion! The wedding cake just like the dress is one of the central parts of the day and one of the most photographed.

Therefore it is essential that like the bridal party, the cake is the epitome of style and elegance. Currently one of the most popular trends is to decorate your wedding cake with lace – adding a real touch of elegance to your centerpiece.

However a plain cake with fresh flowers showcasing a minimalist yet elegant appearance is also popular, especially now in times of economic austerity.

Whereas in the past intricate and extravagant designs were very much the norm, the trend for 2013 really is less is more. However even when going for simple – when it comes to the colour of the cake make sure it still ties in with the overall theme of the wedding in that the style and colour of the bridesmaid dresses have a bearing on the design of the cake.

As the wedding draws nearer the bride and groom are left with the unenviable task of deciding what sort of cake they want, how many layers, what style and what colours they wish to use. What appears a simple decision on the surface quickly becomes a painstakingly troublesome one.

The four tier cake remains the staple idea among brides, but generally people are now choosing a different flavour of cake on each tier.

The standard cake types such as fruit, sponge and chocolate fudge are still popular, but they have been supplemented by the likes of carrot, malteser and white chocolate and malibu and even ginger.

For today’s bride if you can dream it you can make it. The advent of the Internet has also allowed for the expression of new ideas in wedding cakes.

Every bride wishes to have a bespoke wedding and trends in America are beginning to creep into our thinking. The ideas have not taken over the market yet, but they are seeping in.

Cakes which capture the interests of the married couple are now commonplace. Now it is not considered elaborate to have a digger on the wedding cake if the groom worked in construction for example, or a film reel circling the edge of the cake if the bride and groom are amateur movie enthusiasts.

To say there is one specific trend for wedding cakes would be a generalisation.

Some brides will enjoy a simple, classic wedding and will have a four tier cake with fresh flowers, while another may have a more grand reception and choose a cake with elaborate patterns and innovative detailing to make a more provocative statement.

In the end it comes down to personal preference and just remember – forget about everyone else – choose a cake that you like the taste of!