I am Iron Man!

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This week James takes us through his plans to look dapper and impress on the big day. He’s just as excited as Catherine hunting for her dress. 🙂

There is one thing that is required of a groom on the day of the wedding (other than showing up early and worrying about his bride to be showing up) and that is to look sharp, dapper, distinguished; basically he has to scrub up well.

This post will center on my hunt for the lads suits. When I took the time to sit back and ponder what I would be wearing that day, two styles came to mind, one was slightly outrageous and the other ever so slightly less outrageous. I ended up choosing the latter. (I will not go into my choice, as I believe it should be as much a secret as the brides dress, however I did get Catherine’s approval.)

I did say that I had something in mind but it was more of a general idea than a set in stone plan. My first stop was SD Kells in Omagh.


Catherine and I were on one of our frequent visits to the lovely Morris’s, Catherine’s family, when the talk turned to wedding. I had shared my ideas with Catherine and Rosemarie, Catherine’s Mother, and after a quick google image search they understood what I was after, and I was met swiftly by,

“Sure go down the town and see what you can see”.

Off to the suit emporium. I am no stranger dressing up and looking snappy, let’s just say when I arrived at SD Kells I was like a kid in a “suit” (sweet) shop. There is nothing better than suiting up. I don’t know a man who doesn’t derive pleasure from sticking on a suit and imagining he is James Bond on his way to Monte Carlo as he promenades in front of the mirror.

The selection in SD Kells was very impressive and was quite reasonable on price for a package. I received a brochure that I could pursue at my leisure and bit of advice…

“It’s great you are taking an interest but grooms usually wait a bit closer to the time”.

It dawned on me then that although I do not give off the impression, I am a complete GROOMZILLA. Whilst in town, I visited Bowes Brothers of Omagh, another establishment that deals in suits of the wedding variety. They were also very helpful and they directed me to their distributor Debonair in Magherfelt. I decided that I would leave my hunt for a couple of weekends and check online what was available. My next trip would kill three birds with one stone. I checked out the selection in Tom Morrows in Dungannon, RED in Cookstown and Debonair in Magherfelt. In one day I made it to all three comparing prices and selection.

First stop Tom Morrows, very affordable local and friendly, however the only suit that I like was the one Dinky had used for his wedding and this just wouldn’t do.

Next on my travels was RED, a lot of selection however it seemed too modern, I…like my good wife to be, have quite vintage tastes.

Lastly Debonair, this was the only place that I could find any hint of my first slightly outrageous idea but alas it was too much even for them and I headed home.


It was this drive home that I made my decision. I burst through the doors and excitedly started to ramble that I had chose what and where. Turned out that it was simply incoherent babbling forcing Catherine to use the phrase I’ve heard so many times whiles excited, “James… use your words”.

After calming down and actually explaining what I had planned, Catherine seemed puzzled. I tried a Google image search but my efforts were fruitless. I ended up in the closet finding different parts of suits that could possible show what I was thinking.

Finally she got it.

Job done.

He makes all his planning look to easy! Excited to see to finished product. 🙂 Next week we are back to dress shopping… Can’t wait! 😀