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Jessica weds her Mr Wright in beloved home town church

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As the sun was setting on a beautiful Thai beach, Andrew Wright got down on one knee and asked Jessica Aiken for her hand in marriage – and now the pair are looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together as husband and wife.

The couple, both from Omagh, were wed by Pastor George Morrow at Omagh Baptist Church on July 16, 2016. Jessica explained that while she had known Andrew her entire life as they had grown up in the church together, it was in October 2010 that they began dating.

“I actually found Andrew quite annoying at first but once we got chatting I knew he was the one for me,” she smiled. “Andrew was always fun to be around, and always ready for a new adventure – but most of all he was great because we were both so different which keeps it interesting.”

“Andrew and I spent four of our six years together in different places as I went to study in Edinburgh. There were a lot of planes, trains and Skype chats involved for a long time.”

It was on May 11, 2014, during a holiday to Thailand, that Andrew surprised Jessica with a magical proposal as the sun began to set over the horizon.

andrewjessica1Walking over to the rocks of Surin beach, Andrew presented his love with a platinum diamond cluster engagement ring, featuring a brilliant cut centre and asked her to be Mrs Jessica Wright.

“I excitedly said ‘yes’,” she reflected. “Actually, I was so excited that I grabbed the ring myself and put it on my finger! “We spent the next three weeks happily in Thailand, keeping our engagement a secret from everyone except our closest friends and family which was such a fantastic decision as we got to enjoy our engagement between only us.”

“I had never felt so happy in all of my life,” Jessica continued. “I didn’t cry but spent the rest of the night hyperventilating from pure excitement – I couldn’t eat our lovely meal that night either! “It was the most wonderful feeling of excitement, awe over the amazing ring and love for him.”

Always dreaming of a pastel coloured wedding, featuring simple blush pinks and ivory colours, Jessica also wanted to capture the elegance and love of a traditional wedding – with little moments of modern interlaced.

“One modern example was that I took a picture each day once we got engaged on my wedding countdown chalk board,” she described. “And then I showed that in a video before I came down the aisle.”

With her heart set on finding a wedding dress that was simply perfect for her, Jessica said that she tried on over 100 dresses before she found ‘the one’ in La Boda Bridal.

Her mermaid style dress, called ‘Presea’ by Pronovia, featured lace appliqués, a plunging back, and a sheer effect on the train. “I wanted something sleek, satin, fitted but with a little bit of lace,” she explained. “I was never going to settle, and I’m glad I didn’t because the dress I picked was perfect.”

When Jessica’s wedding day arrived, she described feeling ‘surprisingly calm’ – but also very excited for the big day ahead. “Even when I put on the dress and was handed the flowers I was just so excited to get to the church,” she reflected.

“The house was packed with my family all eating breakfast and getting ready which made it all the more special. “I also remember crying the day before when I saw the lovely flowers in the church as it was the first moment I had seen something created for the wedding.”

andrewjessica2Arriving to the church with her father, Reggie standing by her side in the hot summer sunshine, she took a moment to listen to the pipers before walking down the aisle.

“The pipers really reminded me of Edinburgh where I had lived for four years and suddenly I realised that I was finally coming home to marry Andrew,” she smiled.

“It was such a special moment. “And as I walked down the aisle I just saw all the smiling faces at me. The pastor spoke so well, we had friends read for us and the music team who were all friends and family played wonderfully.”

Then the delighted newlyweds travelled to the beautiful Lough Erne Golf Resort and Spa together, singing to the special CD they’d created before the wedding and talking as ‘just them’ – something which Jessica said was one of her favourite wedding day memories.

“My day can only be described as the best day ever,” the 22-year-old concluded. “Looking out at the church and seeing every friend and family member that you love and adore is amazing.

“You get to marry your best friend, chat to your loved ones, wear the most amazing dress with gorgeous flowers, pick all the style details and eat delicious food. It was an emotional blur of amazing moments!”