Jobs For The Boys – Here’s What Your Groomsmen Can Do

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No matter how brilliant they may be, no couple can organise a wedding completely by themselves. There’s just so much to do. That’s why the groom will call on his closest friends and family members to lend a hand with wedding preparations so that everything runs like clockwork.

When granted the honour of being groomsmen, these people can (and will) take on the responsibilities below:


1. Attending pre-wedding events

The groomsmen need to be good communicators. They’ll be attending all kinds of pre-wedding events, such as rehearsal dinners, suit fittings, engagement parties and, of course, the groom’s stag party.

2. Organising the stag party

If the groom has appointed more than one groomsman, it will mainly be the best man’s job to give the groom a suitable send off before he gets married. The groomsmen will, however, help to organise wacky costumes, confirm bookings and plan amusing activities for the event.

3. Purchasing or hiring wedding attire

One of the main jobs of the groomsmen is to purchase or hire the wedding attire the couple ask them to. They may arrange this for others and advise the groom when choosing his own wedding attire.

4. Supporting the groom on the wedding day

On the big day, the groomsmen will help the groom to put on his wedding attire, get some photos before the wedding begins, and generally take care of any last minute essentials. If the groom is feeling nervous, the groomsmen will calm him down and assure him everything is under control.

5. Running errands

The groomsmen are there to make sure everything runs smoothly and will run errands on the day. This could be anything from collecting a few last minute items, to picking up the suits or decorating the car. They may even check if the bride or her bridesmaids need any assistance.

6. Welcoming wedding guests

The groom may have appointed ushers to greet wedding guests, but if not, the groomsmen will take up the task of greeting guests and directing them to the relevant seating areas.

8. Giving a speech

If a groomsman is also the best man, he’ll have his own chance to sparkle when he delivers a speech at the wedding breakfast. As well as make a toast to the bride and groom, the best man will tell humorous (and mildly embarrassing) stories about the groom and offer some kind words about the happy couple.

9. Collecting gifts and personal belongings during and after the day

The groomsmen will collect any gifts for the couple and make sure the bride and groom receive them at the end of the day. They’ll store these and personal belongings the couple wish to safeguard during the day in a safe place. They’ll also ensure that guests sign the wedding guest book often left near the designated space for gifts.

If you’re a bride-to-be and are wondering how the love of your life is going to cope with their side of the preparations, don’t worry. The best man and the other groomsmen will be there to guarantee everything goes flawlessly so you can both relax and savour the day.