Kids At The Wedding – Yes Or No?

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Whether or not to invite children to a wedding can be a contentious issue. If you have a large family, with many young children, you may feel that you have no choice but to include them in your day. However, there are many valid reasons for wanting an adult-only event, or for setting an age restriction, such as 13+ only.

Here are some of the main reasons for including little ones, and the main reasons for going with grown-ups only, to help you decide what’s best for you on your big day:

1. Disruption Central
Depending on the age of the young children, it’s highly likely that there will be disruptions throughout the day – during the ceremony, speeches, and throughout the reception.  Your adult guests may be distracted, and have to entertain their little bundles of joy to prevent tears and tantrums. This can be particularly annoying if you have employed the services of a videographer, as some key moments may be drowned out, and post-production editing won’t be able to fix it.

2. Entertainment Value
Whether they’re dressed up cute as a button as part of the wedding party, or invited along with their parents, children often provide a certain element of innocence, as well as being highly entertaining, especially when the DJ starts playing in the evening. You need to decide if the potential for disruption is worth it for the candid photos and “aww” moments.


3. It All Adds Up
You may want to consider excluding little ones if your invited guests have a considerable number of children between them. The costs for food and entertainment can soon mount up, and your wedding may end up having more children than adults. It can also make it difficult for the grown-ups to let their hair down and enjoy the day if they are running around after the kids.

4. Kid Management
If you are going to have children at the wedding, it’s important to ensure that you make suitable arrangements for supervision, and to keep them entertained, especially during key moments of the day. Seat parents and children together at the same tables, and during moments like the speeches, it’s an idea to see if your venue will allow for a movie to be played to keep the little ones occupied.

Whether you decide to have a child-friendly wedding, or have a strictly kid-free zone, you must make sure to state this clearly on the invitation. Many guests won’t think to ask, and will assume their children are invited too. Being clear about your position prevents misunderstandings and confusion down the line.