Leap Year Proposals

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Back in February, we ran a poll to ask you if you would ever take the chance and propose to your boyfriend on February 29th. Our results gave us a resounding no, with 75% declaring “not a chance” and only 25% said that they would.

However, this didn’t stop some of our local brides to be. This year we saw the resurfacing of the traditional leap year proposals, as every four years, brave ladies take their hearts in their hands and pop the question to their man.

Following on from stories in our other puplications, we spoke to Deirdre Mulligan from Newtownbutler who proposed to her boyfriend on Facebook.  As well as Jenny Holland, who quite literally took a leap of faith when she proposed to her boyfriend at the top of the Zip Line at Todd’s Leap.

We say a resounding congratulations to these wonderful women as they look forward to the future.

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