Let the 2016 Weddings Begin!

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Well ladies, it’s finally here! I was at a party in 2015 and suddenly, or so it seemed to me through my prosecco fog, 2016 sneaked in the back door and was suddenly entertaining everyone in the kitchen. 2015, we salute you, you were one fast year! You slipped out of my life having been the last full year of my singledom, leaving me with a half-done to-do list, a seriously depleted bank account and a bit of a weight issue. I loved every minute of you.

But alas, you are gone! And so because they’ve yet to perfect time travel, into 2016 I must go! I don’t know about the rest of you North West Brides, but over Christmas my wedding planning took a little break. It was at the back of my mind naturally, but every time I thought about opening Pinterest, I decided to have a mince pie and/or a glass of baileys instead. Like my waistline, I thought it best to worry about the wedding in that galaxy far far away aka January.

January Blues

Well, we’re already a week in and besides Janxiety which if you’ve done Christmas right (and I really hope you all have) you’ll be suffering from too, I also have a slight case of the “oh holy God in heaven I’m getting married this year-itis”. Isn’t it amazing the panic that a simple change of digits on your phone can incite?!

So, having all the big things done, it’s probably time to at least start thinking about the smaller things. Just before Christmas, when I was knee deep in Celebrations, our planner sent us a gentle reminder of the things we should be thinking about as we pound the treadmill and drink hot water and lemon in early 2016. It came as quite a surprise to me to see that the list was rather extensive. Here are some of the things that I amazingly haven’t thought about:

Flowers: Well knock me sideways with a daisy! Flowers! What I know about flowers could be…well you couldn’t do anything with it because you can’t do anything with nothing! Sonya assures me that her colleague and fellow planner Patty will be on hand to impart her knowledge of all things flowery. Phew!

bald flowers

The Wedding Cake: Now you’re talking my language – cakes I know a bit about! Now because we’re getting married in a small Spanish town, as with our flowers, our choice of baker is restricted to well…one really. Not that we mind, our cake lady has a great website and Facebook page and all details of her wonderful creations can be salivated over there. So, that just leaves us to decide what we want. You know what’s loads of craic? Looking at pictures of cakes while you’re one week into a detox. I ask you, why do bad things happen to good people??

Mass Stuff: Okay, so here we’re talking books, readings, who does them etc. Straight forward enough. We know loads about mass.

Seating Plan: Next!

Bridal Accessories: Alright, so not exactly on Sonya’s list of stuff we should be thinking about but still, it’s definitely on mine! I’ve yet to figure out what I’m going to put on my head – I’m told something has to be on my head like a veil or a crown or whatever. This must be shopped for! With this in mind, I’ve booked myself and my bridemaids an appointment at Donegal Town’s Pearls and Lace store. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this little gem and in the chats we’ve had online, they’ve been excitedly eager to help. So, that’ll be a lovely girls day out with a stop after at Biddy’s of Barnes for…ah afternoon tea…obviously.

Of course, the next big thing “to do” on mine and Mr Brady’s list is to get ourselves over to Nerja for our second visit in April. If I was the type of person who has countdown apps to stuff on my phone – and I’m not saying I am – I would say that it’s roughly ninety-six days until we get to escape this land of eternal rain and get ourselves some much needed vitamin D. It will have been over a year since our last visit and we really have to make sure the place is still there and still as hot, sunny and downright gorgeous as we remember it! It’s going to be a long January but it’s going to be a great year!

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