Make it Personal – Special Gifts for Your Bride

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Getting your bride a gift which shows you’ve put a lot of thought into it goes a long way. Many brides often take on the lion’s share of planning in the run up to the wedding and getting something personal for her – especially to be given to her on the morning of the wedding – shows her you’ve put time and effort in to making her day special.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, it could even be something of a novelty that has significant meaning to you both, but if you’re stuck for ideas then we’ve pulled some together for you.



Sending your bride to be flowers on the eve of the wedding, especially if you’re spending the night apart, is a thoughtful touch that let’s her know you’re thinking about her.


A love letter

Romance is not dead and a love letter costs nothing but some time, the most precious gift. Tell your bride what she means to you, what you love about her, and how much you’re looking forward to spending the rest of your life together. She’ll love it, especially if you’re not usually one for wearing your heart on your sleeve.



It doesn’t have to be expensive, but some earrings for her to wear on the day, or a charm bracelet with one charm for the wedding to start off a collection is a thoughtful way of marking the occasion. Check with her Maid of Honour and see what style of necklace she’s planning to wear, and buy an alternative to give to her on the morning of the wedding.



Buying your bride-to-be a gift set with her favourite perfume and other things such as shower gel or body cream for her to use on the morning of the wedding is thoughtful and shows you know what she like. If you want to get her a new fragrance, makes sure it’s one she’s familiar with and it suits her style.


Photo frame

Buy her a beautiful photo frame that has two spaces – put in one side the first picture you had taken together, and leave the other empty for a photo from the wedding.


Personalised Glass

Getting your wife-to-be a personalised glass and bottle of bubbly for the morning of the wedding is fun way for her to start the day, and won’t break the bank.


Sole mate

Buy the shoes to go with her wedding outfit and inscribe a message on the soles. Ask her Maid of Honour to show her it on the morning to make her smile.



Create a romantic scrapbook that has all precious memories both of you share. The scrapbook should reflect the glorious journey you’ve been on so far, and leave plenty of empty pages to share more.


Learn to dance

If you’re notorious for your two left feet, then why not get together with the groomsmen and pull off a spectacular routine after your first dance and get the party off to a fantastic start.