Make It Personal – Special Gifts For Your Groom

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It is often said it can be difficult to choose the right gift for a man, especially on a wedding day.

It’s easy to get caught up in the dilemma of what could be the best choice for a gift, that a groom will remember forever.

Here are some ideas for classic male accessories to help you choose the perfect gift for your loved one on your big day:

Mens monogrammed handkerchief

An imperative accessory to complete his suited up groom look. Why not get someone to pass this gift on just a couple of hours before the wedding as a cute little surprise.

Beard grooming set

The current trend of slumber jack inspires this idea of a gift. Maybe your man would like a wholesome beard maker kit if he’s among those who like to experiment with his stubble.

Chess set

If your man likes to get his brain cells to warm up with strategic activities, this could be it. A game of chess would be a perfect fit for a mind that is always looking for creative solutions.

A stylish watch

Daniel wellington as a brand would be a classy choice to pick a watch from. This gives a traditional yet elegant touch to his perfectly styled attire on the day of the wedding. You could personalise the gift with a note saying “The time is ours now”.  An emotional message of love like this is sure to melt his heart.

A bottle for his gym trip

If your man is a gym fanatic think of a beautiful but functional gift that he can carry around with him. Equip his gym look with a perfect sipper bottle that reminds him both of you and to stay hydrated.  

The Burning Barbershop Cologne

In 1891 a barbershop in Westlake NY caught into flames and apparently a burned bottle derived from this shop went on to inspire the fragrance of this cologne. This classic cologne is loved by men around the world.

Customised Hoodie

A cosy stylish hoodie customised to his favorite football team, band or TV show logo creates not just a unique gift but one that is functional and stylish.

A duffle Bag

Is your hubby-to-be a frequent traveler, owing to business or pleasure? Getting him a classic duffle bag could prove to be very useful in years to come.

Phone dock

Stay top of mind with a phone dock.  Every time he sees his phone parked over the dock, he’ll think of you!

Smart Speaker

An AI assistant is what every person in the world wants right now. Think about getting your new home to be Google powered by gifting your man the smartest AI of all times – “Google Home”.  Of course, you’ll need to make sure your other half is a gadget lover first.

By Vishnu Kumar