Matching Flowers to the Season: The Essential Guide

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With your dream colour scheme coming together perfectly, matching flowers can be tricky as some stunning blooms may not be in season.

Here’s our essential guide to what is in season, and what could be your alternative when the Sunflowers aren’t in full bloom.


African Lily – beautiful, large show-stopping flower, also known as Agapanthus
Aster – gorgeous daisy-like flowers with a straight stem
Bouvardia – tubular shaped flowers, small and delicate
Calla Lily – stunning large blooms, mostly known in white but other colours are available
Carnation – a good, sturdy filler flower
Cherry Blossom – floaty, delicate and with a beautiful aroma
Gerbera – daisy-like flower on a long stem.
Narcissus – the epitome of spring, the gorgeous Daffodil
Phalaenopsis Orchid – a great bouquet flower, large and showstopping
Rose – the most romantic flower that needs no explanation
Sunflower – large, bright and beautiful, great for centrepieces
Tulip – a striking flower in a range of colours


Cattelya Orchid – bright, striking blooms
Cornflower – a little, summery, delicate flower
Crysanthemum – large showy flowers, perfect for bouquets
Dahlia – round-headed eye-catching blooms
Freesia – rich smelling flowers that come in many shades
Lavender – beautifully scented wildflower
Peony – delicate flower with paper-like petals
Stephanotis – white and robust, perfect for buttonholes
Sweet Pea – a beautiful flower in a ranger of colours, very short seasoned
Zinnia – round-headed blooms with bright coloured petals


Acacia – known also as Mimosa, delicate little yellow flowers
Amaryllis – large trumpet headed flowers, usually in red and white
Carnation – great for filling, strong and sturdy
Delphinium – tall, dramatic blooms
Gladiolus – your traditional go-to flower for bouquets and table arrangements
Gypsophila – tiny, white flowers
Hydrangea – Eye-catching, large flowers with a range of colours
Hypericum – very popular as a filler, the delicate berries give that perfect autumnal feel
Marigold – bigger than a daisy with beautiful autumn colours


Amaryllis – a popular Christmas time flower
Calla Lily – large lilies which have different colours as the seasons change
Cymbidium Orchid – very eye-catching, this orchid can have up to 12 flowers per stem
Gloriosa – dramatic and bright, in a cerise pink and yellow
Hyacinth – a gloriously scented flower in a range of colours
Lisianthus – a very popular Winter flower with a good range of colours
Peony – beautifully delicate but only found around November

Year-round Flowers

Lillies – all ranges

Some flowers are available all year as they can be imported but it can be added pressure on your wedding budget. Chat to your florist for professional advice.