Matching Suits and Shoes – A Visual Guide

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The modern day slant on the wedding suit leaves our Grooms and Groomsmen looking mighty damn fine!

The colours, the cut, the shoes and of course the hanger all contribute to how dapper our men look on the big day, so choosing the right colour shoes to match with the suit is key.

If you or your partner have a good eye for what works then you’re landed but just in case coordinating colours isn’t your area of expertise this infographic from Moda Para Homens will help.

Given that this infographic was created over at the Brazilian menswear site Moda Para Homens, it’s not surprising that some of these suit colours are more suited to the weather they experience.

That said, you will still get the basic matching idea behind it and will no doubt find it useful.

It’s usefulness doesn’t need to stop at the wedding suit, it’s perfect for the work wardrobe.



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