Poll: How much say should grooms have in the wedding plans?

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Here at North-West Brides we are curious to see how you guys feel about this particular topic. Just how much input is your Groom having into your wedding plans?

The majority of us here had partners who were happy to leave the planning to us, with the exception of one whose now husband had a considerable input into the theme, style, invitations and well, pretty much everything.

Are you happy planning the entire wedding or would you rather your partner was actively involved in the planning with you?

Personally we believe that “your” wedding day should be an injection of both your personalities, people should be in no doubt as to who’s wedding they are attending, but the reality for some, is that Grooms don’t care much about the details of the wedding day and are happy to have their Brides make all the decisions.

So what are your thoughts? How is it going (or how did it go) with you? Let us know via our Facebook page