One ring to rule them all…

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A wedding ring is a sentiment of love. The circle is the symbolism of eternity and life together forever…so if the ring is circular does it matter what the design and finish is?

James Muldoon

So Catherine and I have put it off of long enough. We both agreed months ago that we would go ring shopping for our wedding bands and never did until recently. So with 5 months to go, the wedding rings are ticked off the list. I will go into my decision and Catherine’s will be a later post.
First of all I had to find my ring size. I do not wear rings or any jewellery for that matter, my idea of accessories tends to be a sweat hat or scarf combo. I wasn’t even sure how a ring should sit on my finger. Too loose and I would live in fear of losing it. Too tight would leave me constantly uncomfortable. As it turns out, I am a size T.

Before I started actively looking I was of the belief that all rings are pretty much the same. Oh how wrong I was. The list of metals goes on and on gold, white gold, silver, sterling silver, titanium, platinum even adamantium. Even though I am a big fan of only fools and horses (not just because my Dad actually looks like Del boy) I can’t see myself wearing a gold band. Luckily for me there were a load of different options available.

I had no idea that they also come in flat, D shaped and curved. It wasn’t until we went to a shop and tried a few on that I had a clear idea of what I was after. I have quite large hands and went through a few different options of band width. I did do some internet research in my spare time and found a few very promising rings however as cool as it would have been I don’t think I would have lived with the decision the rest of my life.


This is a ring made out of Dinosaur bone/meteorite – Seriously Cool!


This needs no explanation!



Unfortunately Catherine wasn’t as much of a fan of this as I was…


This was a definite maybe…

I ended up with a wedding band that is not too expensive that I won’t mind wearing to work and won’t mind a few scratches. It actually matches Catherine’s very well. The lesson I have taken away from the whole experience is that as long as you are happy with your choice and you have taken into consideration the future, you will be fine. When my ring arrived I of course tried it on, and I had the comforting “feels like it should always have been there” realisation. The wedding band is a symbol for our never ending love but, I don’t need a ring to remind me of this.

I know Catherine is my soul mate and we fit together better than any ring on a finger.

 James and his one liners to melt hearts. 🙂 Next week Catherine runs us through Brides on a budget and how to get the look for less. 😉