Paying Your Part – Do I Have To Fork Out For The Hen?

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Weddings are wildly expensive. You don’t have anything in your floordrobe that is suitable for the big day, it’s a great excuse to glam up so you want to get your hair and make up done. All good. Then the Hen Party invitation drops through the door.

At the cheapest, it’s a hotel, drinks and a party bus, or one of those strange bike-beer things that fly around city centers… At the most expensive, you’re off to Marbella for a long weekend at a fancy hotel with sunbeds you have to pay to reserve, along with €15 cocktails. And you have to pay for the Hen’s part, too.

Immediate thoughts are panic and eye rolls, especially if you aren’t close, but here are 4 reasons why you should pay for the Hen:

1. It’s not as much as you think

At first thought, its sounds really expensive but when you break it down it isn’t as bad as you think. 20 girls having a night out in town:

Hotel at £85 per room, 2 sharing,
Obligatory Cocktail Making class – £100,
Party Bus – £200

All of that comes to £1150. ‘OMG’ is your first thought. Broken down between each of you works out at £57.50, which isn’t bad – all you have to add on is your drinks.

2. You are going to the wedding

Weddings are expensive. The bride has meticulously planned, prepped and agonised over every little detail and you were in her thoughts when initially planning, when she was doing her seating plan, and when she was doing her menus. She has spent an awful lot of money on having you there because she wants you there. Seems a fair swap for two really good days out.


3. You might be a Hen at some point

Your turn will come, if it hasn’t already happened. Everyone will be planning a fantastic surprise for you and paying up for you, too, so it is kind of paying it forward.

4. Make it a wedding present

Sometimes these invitations come at the wrong time of the month when you are counting the days to pay day. If things are tight, make it a wedding present. She will be incredibly grateful, it is better than another set of mugs. This is a great idea if you aren’t that close – if it’s your husbands-cousins-best friends-aunt who you met twice and hit it off, this is a handy plan. Less expense and everyone’s happy.

By Rebecca Armstrong