Personalising Your Wedding: 7 Top Tips For Making It Unique

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When planning your wedding, you want it to be a reflection of you and your partner’s personalities. A unique touch can make a big difference, transforming ‘just another wedding’ into a deeply special mark of your commitment to one another.

Here are 7 tips for you to make sure your big day is personal to you and a memorable occasion for your guests:


1. Create Your Own Centerpieces

Your centerpiece provides a great opportunity for you to tell a story about yourselves. Making the pieces yourself, although time consuming, really personalises them and you can even use it as a chance to add a bit of light-hearted humour. Theme them around a passion you share.

2. Give Your Guests Something Special

When you’re deciding on the favours you will give your guests, try to make it something personal to you and your partner. One example is a couple who kept bees, they made up lots of little fresh pots of delicious local honey for everybody. It says something about their personality as well as being a delicious gift for their guests to enjoy when they get home.

3. Arrive in Style

Who says you have to book the same old classic wedding cars to drive you to your wedding? There are loads of transport options available to ensure you arrive with a bit of pizzazz! If you’re a bit of a free-spirit, why not book a camper-van? If you’re an adrenaline junky you could arrive by parachute, or film fans can even rent a DeLorean from the film “Back to the Future”!

4. Location! Location! Location!

Your location choice gives you a great chance to put that personal stamp on your wedding day. This is the perfect opportunity to choose somewhere that means something to you as a couple. If you love the outdoors choose a natural location, if you’re a city person go for somewhere modern. If you’re music mad, why not get married at a local music festival, or those art lovers among us can contact their local art museum. The options are endless.

5. The Cake

You don’t have to go down the traditional white-tiered wedding cake route if it’s not you. Talk to your baker about what you think would suit you both. It’s amazing what cake designs you can get these days.

6. Raise Your Glasses

Everyone loves a bit of a tipple at a wedding so why not pour your personality into your drinks? You can have personalised cocktails for each member of your wedding party, or if you’re more into hops than spirits, why not get a local brewery to brew you your very own beer?

By Jennifer Warnock, Excalibur Press