Are You Planning An Alcohol Free Reception?

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There are many things throughout the planning process for your wedding that you will no doubt have the head staggers over.  Deciding on whether to invite children or not, to managing the guest list, to choosing the menu for the big day, are only a few you may encounter.

For some, it’s whether or not to have an alcohol free reception.  Yes alcohol free, not free alcohol!

An alcohol free wedding may be a good idea if you want to avoid any issues, are in a cash crunch or don’t actually drink in the first place.

Maybe you or your close family members or friends don’t drink, either for religious, health or safety reasons. Maybe some of those close to you are recovering alcoholics or just plain teetotallers!  Maybe you simply fear that your drunken guests might spoil the wedding.  Either way, you may decide that you want an alcohol free reception.

Too much money is spent attempting to make a good impression on friends and family. And in some cases, you may be paying for your wedding on your own, so part of you may want to cut as many costs as possible. And the first thing to go if you yourself are not a drinker,  would be alcohol.

What are the implications of such a decision? How do you fend off pressure to reverse your stance?  Ultimately, a wedding belongs to you and your partner; “we decided it wasn’t necessary” is a perfectly acceptable reason for not having alcohol at your wedding.

However you must also realise that where there is a will, there’s a way!  So although you are not providing wine on the table, and the venue is not opening the bar, that does not mean that your guests won’t sneak in their private stash!  Just saying!