Play that funky music…

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This week we have James discussing the reception music. It is important to get everyone on the dance floor and to keep them there! So over to James for his advice.

James Muldoon

A few weeks ago, Catherine posted details on our church music. We are extremely excited to hear them and are overjoyed that they have decide to sing for us, they are of course Orlaith McGinn and Ryan McLaughlin with OuR Music.

Since the church music is all sorted I guess I should mention the receptions entertainers. When choosing the band there are a few things to keep in mind, price, availability and quality.

There are plenty of ways to find the band you want. For us we saw our band performing at another wedding. We were fortunate enough to have attended 4 weddings last year, each band had their merit. It is my opinion that a good band is one that plays a wide variety of songs from Jive music to cheesy pop. But it is crucial that they keep people on the dance floor at all times.

Once you are happy with a Band, call them as soon as possible to check for dates, there are weddings all the time and its first come first serve.

If you are lucky enough, like us, that they are available then bingo, job done. Pay the deposit and sit back and think of a first dance song. If the band you want are unavailable for your date ask them who they would recommend. They are connected to the scene and could save you hours of searching.

Another great facility for finding your wedding band is social media and YouTube. Simply searching for “Wedding Bands NI” on YouTube will bring up a whole host of bands showing of their lyrical abilities, of course usually followed by a facebook link and contact details.
My top tip when booking a band is two-fold:

  1. Firstly ask is there any discount for the booking i.e. midweek wedding, larger deposit, free publicity.
  2. Secondly check to see if they also do a DJ set. Booking these together will save you time, effort and possibly money.

I guess the main thing to take away from all this is book a band you want to hear and that you like. It is impossible to make everyone happy but as long as my bride to be is happy I am happy.

All that is left to do on the matter of the band is choosing the perfect first dance song…



Oh no…let’s hope our couple avoid this awkward situation. 🙂 Next week Catherine tells us about her lucky side. 😉