Pre-Wedding Weight Worries? 5 Things You Can Do WITHOUT Dieting

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You walk into a shop for milk and what do you see? Magazines from ceiling to floor covered with flawless celebrities…or worse, flawed celebs with their imperfections circled and blown up large, just in case their tiny bit of cellulite wasn’t noticeable before (and it wasn’t). You’re standing there thinking, gosh, my flaws make her flaws look so tiny and insignificant, or is that just me?

Anyways, it’s no wonder women feel the pressure. This message that we aren’t beautiful unless we look factory-made is taking away the very things that make us human. And ultimately, if you weren’t you, would your other half be preparing to spend their life with you? Obviously not. So, there you have it – you have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, knowing this key fact doesn’t seem to be enough to stop the crazy diets and workout regimes women will put themselves through just to feel they are picture perfect on the day.

If you are one of those brides, consider these five healthier options for looking the part on your big day:

1. The Corset

A boned corset is amazing for giving you that hourglass figure in your dress, and no prior starvation is required whatsoever. Con’s include difficulty in breathing if pulled too tight, fainting in a hot environment and/or the wires of the corset sticking in and hurting you, so make sure to get properly fitted.

2. Style of dress

This is extremely important as your shape heavily depends on your dress to compliment your curves in the right way. For a curvy shape it is more flattering to have a dress that is tight around the bust and waist, but is loose around the hips.


3. The pose

Have you noticed that some celebs will stand with their hand on their hip, to the side, smiling with their chin in the air and their upper body leaning slightly backwards? This pose is great for looking good on camera, it may be an idea to have some time in front of a mirror though to find the pose that works best for you.

4. Camera angle

Shots from above! A well-known rule, but still works like a charm.

5. Shoes

How are you in heels? Of course, these aren’t for everyone, but adding length to your height does help offer an overall impression of slenderness.

Remember that beauty isn’t about your shape, it’s how you wear your shape. Confidence and a sexy attitude is all you’ll ever need, and these come naturally to those who look after themselves.

By Claire Louise McBride, Excalibur Press