Prudent planning is key to a successful hen or stag

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For brides and grooms to be, the countdown  to their impending nuptials can  be a truly  nerve-wracking, and at times harrowing experience.  So what better way to relieve the stress of it all than to let your hair down and enjoy your last days of freedom in style.

The humble hen and stag parties have evolved over the years from a few drinks down the local to  lavish excursions  across the globe.

Judging by recent trends the norm is typically a weekend ffair, often in one of the so called party capitals in the UK or Ireland. Liverpool, Newcastle and Cardiff are popular choices, while in Ireland, Letterkenny, Galway and Dublin remain among those frequented by revellers.

Increasingly hens and stags are setting their sights on a European adventure with Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam and Barcelona all attracting their fair share of party-goers.

There may be a few drinks involved, there may not, but one thing for sure is that it will be a memorable experience. Today’s stag and hen parties are all about originality and style. L-plates and silly wigs might be good fun, but it’s not for everyone, and the choice of alternatives is endless.

You might decide to soak up a little culture with a city break, try your hand at bungee jumping or white-water rafting, or be pampered in a luxury spa. Or, if you’re the kind of girl who can think of nothing better than a day’s shopping followed by a few cocktails in a swanky boutique hotel, there lies your ideal hen celebration.

And, of course, there are no rules to say you have to celebrate without your other half – many couples nowadays choose to party together, combining the hens with the stags, but again that is not for everyone! The key to any successful pre-marital celebration is planning. Whatever you wish to do, wherever you wish to go, without prudent planning it simply will not materialise.

This can often be the problem, if your bestman or maid of honour is not the most organised of individuals and couldn’t arrange drinks in a brewery, you could be left drowning your sorrows in the local pub all alone, rather than sunning yourself on the Costa Del Sol with your nearest and dearest.

We all have these friends and if they have been delegated the task of organising, then perhaps it may be smarter to let the professionals take over.

Stag and Hen do party planning has become a money making machine in the last 20 years. Handing over a sum of money and having the whole party created, with an itinerary that appeals to all interests can sometimes be the simplest option and the best.

Remember that many attending may not have seen each other for years and may not live in close proximity to one another, so the pressure is really on to deliver a celebration fitting for the occasion and the happy couple – remember this is the bit where you really let your hair down and party, party, party.