Q and As for booking your wedding band

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Q. How far in advance should I book my band?

A. As soon as possible… it is never too early! It’s not unusual for a band to find themselves well-booked, two, or even three years in advance.

Q. How can you trust a band to stay together if they’re booked so far in advance?

A. There’s no guarantee that every member of the band that you pick will still be there. However, pick a band that is reputable, and who have been in the local music scene for many years. You can stipulate at the time of booking that if the band splits up, you’d like to be informed immediately so you can consider other options.

Q. What happens if a band member gets sick before my big day?

A. If the band’s vocalist loses their voice or a guitarist breaks their wrist, generally someone will stand in for them. The band’s set will go ahead as planned with an experienced replacement. Bands will generally pay for that extra person or people, at no extra cost to you. The band will do their best to fulfill their bookings.

Q. Is it worthwhile to book a band through an agency?

A. Agencies help to gather all the information that your wedding band needs to fulfill the booking on the night. This information includes special family mentions, and special dances in written format. The agency makes sure everything you’ve paid for is delivered as agreed.

Q. Will my band cater for any type of wedding ceremony?

A. Not necessarily. If your wedding is a cross-denominational ceremony, same-sex ceremony, or a nonreligious (humanist) ceremony, make sure the band you have booked don’t have any issues playing at it.

Q. How long is a band’s standard set?

A. This depends on the band. Generally a set will last two hours. A band’s average start time is between 7pm and 9.30pm.

Q. What happens if my meal overruns and the band’s set is late?

A. You may end up not getting your value for money. Keep in mind that the hotel’s closing time does not change. While the band should generally be happy to play their set late, they may need to cram their set in to a shorter time slot. However, to be doubly sure, ask the band specifically when you are booking them, “If my wedding runs late, what affect does that have on you?”

Q. What music should I choose to keep the guests entertained?

A. For many couples, the band is the highlight of their day. Make your day is as much about your guests having fun as it is about you celebrating your wedding. Choose a band who play a wide range of genres and styles so that there will be something to suit everybody – from your Irish cousin to your American grandfather.

Q. How do I choose my first dance?

A. Ask your band what first dance songs they provide, and try to choose your favourite from their list. A song a band knows well will mean they will be able to perform the song with confidence, allowing for less edginess and more romance.