Sail Away With Me…

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A while back James talked about how we have some things that we just pass on to Future Catherine and Future James. It turns out now is when we become those future versions of ourselves…

We’ve talked and talked and talked about where we wanted to go for our honeymoon. To be honest, we have kind of been putting it off as it is such a big decision and a big old chunk of cash to be paying out. But we finally did it! We booked the time off work, and have even paid for the drinks package!

We are heading to Orlando, Florida for a few days and then jumping on to one of these beauties!
Yes we are going on a Caribbean Cruise (SQWEEEEEEE!). The excitement is actually killing me! Days lounging by the pool, waking up somewhere different everyday, getting dressed up for fancy dinners and chilling out at the outdoor movie nights, it is the holiday dreams are made of!

As you all know, our wedding is on the 9th of October but we have decided to wait a few weeks after the wedding to head off for two reasons;

  1. October is Hurricane season and there are absolutely no cruises anywhere we wanted to go around that time.
  2. And we want a bit of time to chill out in married bliss, so many people have told us of the anticlimax after a wedding and honeymoon, that everything is done and you have a bit of a lull. At least this way we can chill out and start focusing on the honeymoon adventure!

On the Cruise we leave from Port Canaveral and stop off in places like Cozumel in Mexico and Nassau in the Bahamas! How exciting!

Now we need your help! Have you been to any of these places? Are you an internet tour guide? We want to know what we should do at Cozumel and Nassau! We are definitely considering the Mayan Temple tour but we are open to ideas. In Nassau we’d love to swim with Dolphins, but are you better going to the Water park resort or the blue lagoon to swim with them?

You can comment below, email us on howgeeksgetmarried@gmail.com or grab us on twitter on @Cittiecait or @Jamesdoon85