Seating Arrangements – 5 Beautiful Ways To Tell Your Guests Where To Sit

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Crowd control can be a little challenging, especially as numbers at a wedding can range from thirty to literally hundreds. For this reason, it is extremely important to get the guest seating arrangements right and to display them in a clear, easy manner to avoid confusion.

Here are some tips along with a few unique ways to present your seating arrangements:

1. The Alphabetical Advent

Displayed just like an advent calendar, you can find all the letters of the family names and table numbers under the first letter of your surname. You can decorate the board any way that matches the theme of the wedding. It’s easy to do, easy to follow, and highly practical for the guests.

2. Scrolls with poems for each family name

Scrolls can be beautifully tied with a ribbon or placed within a stylish clasp. They could then be presented neatly in a pile on a table at the entrance, with the family name printed on each scroll front. Once the scroll is collected, the receiver may then read an endearing love poem, or maybe something tailored for the entertainment of the receiver. These specifics can be thought out by the bride and groom depending on what will suit their guests best.

3. Little boxes

These little token boxes can be delicately wrapped in wedding paper and ribbon. They should display the family name on the tag and then inside include a small wedding themed cracker-style joke, toy or chocolate, along with their table number written on a piece of card. There is also potential here to put something sentimental inside that will spark a special memory with your guest.

4. A board with pictures of guests

This could be a fun way to break the ice, especially if this is the first time the two families will be meeting each other. In the form of a giant board, this just requires the table positions drawn up as you see them in the venue. However, instead of writing names, there could be pictures of all the guests at their place instead, and this would be how they discover their table number.

5. Ask the waiters to take you

Another idea for guests could be to request that the waiters escort them to their tables. The classic process brings a formal feel and will help with a smooth transition to the dinner in an elegant and respectable manner.