Shoes Glorious Shoes!

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Let it be known that I am no Carrie Bradshaw – however much I might wish I had her seemingly bottomless purse and New York apartment. Don’t get me wrong, I love clothes, bags, coats accessories and even wellies (sure don’t we need them in Ireland) but what me and Miss Bradshaw or indeed many the modern day woman don’t have in common, is a unquenchable thirst for shoes.

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Bless yourselves for some blasphemy ladies, as far as I am concerned, footwear is as necessary a purchase not unlike lightbulbs. I don’t really enjoy buying them but I’ll soon notice if I run out. With this in mind, I decide to do some science stuff and conduct a little experiment – okay, I counted my shoes. I have twenty-nine pairs. While this may seem very low to some of you other ladies out there, to me it seems alarmingly high – where on earth did they all come from?! What am I, a centipede? Yeah I know they have one hundred legs but still!

So what then for bridal shoes?! Where on earth does a girl with a fondness for vintage converse start when it comes to choosing shoes for the “long walk”?

A quick search on Pinterest reveals that a lot of brides tend to veer towards heels on their big day. When I wear heels, the only things I veer towards are hedges, traffic, small children – you get the picture. Think Bambi learning to walk, on a skateboard, on stilts. It’s not a graceful sight.

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On the other hand, and on my feet, I am a vertically challenged lady. Okay, at 5ft 3, I’m practically a garden gnome. Heels, on those rare occasions when I do wear them, have the rather wonderful effect of not only making me feel taller – but also slimmer. It’s like each inch in heel height, takes off three weekends of donar kebabs. Magic!

There’s also the pain factor. My little sister (you’d hate her) gets sore feet in flats but could run the Donegal marathon in six inch heels. When it comes to anything higher than two inches, I get sore toes, heels, fingers, hell, even my hair starts complaining. While I can put up with all that for a night on the tiles – I doubt my feet could abide them for the twelve or so hours that will make up my wedding day, especially given that they’ll have the endure the added Olympic sport of ‘the first dance’. I can just hear our guests already “didn’t she scrub up well?” “Yes, but by the reception she looked like someone had put Lego in her socks”. Don’t despair dear readers, I know I’m not supposed to wear socks – I asked someone. Raging I was, had my eye on a pair of woollies too.

Moving swiftly on, there’s also colour. More blaspheming coming your way – I’m not a massive fan of white. White dress, I can get on board – white shoes, not so much. I can honestly say if I bought a pair of white shoes, I’d never, ever wear them again, and while I’m accepting that when it comes to the dress (while secretly hoping a Halloween fancy dress party presents itself) will I spend money on something as silly as shoes and then only wear them one time? You bet your gel insoles I won’t!

Wearing coloured shoes under your wedding dress isn’t unusual these days and I’m massively delighted. Once I decided I wanted to go the coloured route, shopping for my wedding shoes suddenly became slightly more fun. I discovered a brand after my very own heart – Irregular Choice – and a Donegal stockist in Pearls & Lace, Donegal Town. These shoes are exactly what they say on the box, irregular and like myself quite weird.

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When it came to choosing a pair, I decided to compromise on the heel issue and went for a three inch – I’ll practically be brushing the ceiling! I have heeded the warnings about breaking said shoes in, so I’ve been wearing them around the house while I’m pretending to clean when really I’m just enjoying wearing my new shoes around the house. Preferring to be prepared for all eventualities, I have bought a very special pair of converse to wear in the evening – a girl has to stick to her roots after all! Hey, I’ve just realised that brings my new shoe total up to thirty-one! I bet Carrie Bradshaw is shaking in her Monolo Blahnicks!

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