Should You Elope 101

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It’s becoming far more popular to elope these days but often couples struggle to come to a final decision. This infographic from The Wedding Band Shop takes you through what to keep in mind if you’re thinking about doing it. It all depends what type of people you are, and some are more suited to eloping than others.

Many people worry that they will hurt the feelings of friends and family. Remember that it’s your wedding and not theirs so if you truly want to elope you should do it. Keep in mind that sometimes the stress of the wedding can make people want to elope, even though deep down they want a big wedding. Make sure you’re making the decision for the right reasons.

If you do decide to pull the trigger on eloping, remember not to downplay it. It’s still your wedding day and it should be every bit as special as if it were a big wedding – perhaps even more special!

It’s generally a good idea to plan some sort of event for friends and family after your wedding at home so they can feel like they were a part of it. It’s also a good chance to tell everyone about how amazing your wedding was. Check out the full infographic now.