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Questions to ask your cake maker

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(Cake from a range at ‘The Cake Pantry’ Donegal)

Your wedding cake is the centrepiece of your wedding reception and it also provides a photo opportunity for brides and grooms, so it needs to look as good as it tastes.  Before contacting potential cake-makers call your reception venue andcheck out what type of cake stand they provide for weddings.

The majority of venues include complimentary use of their stand and cake knife in their overall price.

Do you customise wedding cakes or are there set designs to choose from? 

Where can I view some of your work? In-store, local bridal fairs, company website, facebook photos or local craft fairs.

Can you decorate the cake with my wedding colours? Continue your colour theme with coloured icing, ribbons, flowers, candles etc.

What flavours of cake & filling do you make? You are not tied to the traditional fruitcake, there are lots of options available such as carrot or chocolate cake.

What size of cake would we need for our guest list? Make sure you have an idea of your guest list numbers as variations will affect the price.

Have you any ideas on how to maximise my budget? Possibly have the top tiers of your show cake made of styrofoam to save you money. The cake-maker can bake you bigger slabs of cake with no icing, which the kitchen staff can slice and serve.

When do you bake the cake?  Busy cake-makers may have a few weddings to cater for and so your cake may be baked 3-4 days in advance.

Do you deliver direct to the reception venue & set up the cake? This is especially important if you are having an intricately designed cake.

What is the fee for this service?

How much is the deposit and when is it required? 

When is the final balance due?

How far in advance must I order my cake?

It is important to gather as much information as possible before choosing your wedding cake-maker. Do your research and aim to get speaking to previous bridal customers for a honest opinion.