Something Extra Special – 6 Luxurious Wedding Gifts For A Bigger Budget

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If your budget allows and the soon-to-be-wed couple are particularly special to you in some way, you may want use their wedding day as an opportunity to splash out on a high-quality, luxurious gift that will really leave an impression.

When money isn’t an object, you’re free to explore some of the more high-end options available during your gift shopping. But where to start?

Consider these 6 luxurious items for a really special wedding gift:

luxurious wedding gifts

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1. Tête De Cuvée Premier Cru Vintage 1996 Champagne

Treat the happy couple with this vintage champagne, matured in 17th Century cave cellars for the past 21 years and one of only 7,480 bottles in existence. Oh, and if that wasn’t luxurious enough, each bottle is finished in 24-carat gold!

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2. Saint Valentine Crystal Doves Ornament

This hand-crafted, crystal ornament is a traditional symbol of love, making it an ideal wedding gift. Made in France from the finest crystal, it is special, understated, and something they’ll treasure for many years to come.

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3. Naturo Salt and Pepper Shakers

Give the couple a breakfast to remember with these stunning, handmade porcelain egg cups, complete with an ornate gold floral design. They’ll never be able go back to their regular egg and soldiers!

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4. Crystal Eye Photo Frame

Photo frames don’t get much more decadent than this pure crystal, signature piece available from Perfect for displaying wedding photos, it is finished with an in-built stand and presented in a Baccarat box.

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5. ISommelier Pro Smart Decanter
Was £1,299.00, now £799.00

Perfect for wine lovers, this decanter is designed to “filter ambient air of impurities and aerate wine with a flow of highly concentrated purified oxygen, enhancing flavours and aromas with results akin to years of cellaring.” Elegant, practical and easy to use, it’s a true gift of luxury.

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6. Coco Silk Pyjamas

Newlyweds will love this unique, two-piece pyjama set, made from pure silk and with a sleek, black and white design. A great night’s sleep is pretty much guaranteed.

By Abby Williams