Springing Into Spring!

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Hands up anyone glad to see the backside of January? Everyone? Thought as much! If you think I didn’t just put my hand up even though I’m alone in my kitchen, you’d be very, very mistaken – I damn near hit the ceiling!! What a long and dreary old month it was. It has obviously been made all the more dreary and miserable by the absence of bread, meat and alcohol from my life. Yes, this was a brave/stupid attempt at a detox/torture on my behalf and unlike other years, I actually managed to see this one through to February and guess what – I lost a staggering 12 pounds!! It’s amazing what the prospect of a white (it might not be white you don’t know) dress will do to a girl’s willpower!
Anyway, this weekend being Valentine’s Day, I’m sincerely hoping that Mr Brady helps me put it all back on in chocolate and/or wine. I know I keep saying it but the months really are slipping by – we’re just hitting our seven month countdown and I swear to any God you like we got engaged yesterday morning!
As the days, weeks and months zoom by we find ourselves getting more and more excited. As our excitement grows so too does our utter panic. Our guests, delightful, wonderful and gorgeous people that they are, have been taking steps to get themselves booked on trips to Spain. This is undoubtedly very touching and with every person that messages me saying “I’m going to Nerja” – I want to reach across the digital whatdoyacallems and give them a big fat kiss! People can be just so lovely.
Additionally, my darling bride slaves, I mean bridesmaids have been busy organising my hen party which I’m told takes place in early July. That is all I’m told. Literally. I know not a sausage more than that and though I might have been freaked out by my being in the dark at the beginning, I’ve now kind of gotten used to the idea. I only hope they don’t take me paintballing, or hand gliding or base jumping or doing that thing where you get in a cage and they throw you in to the sea to say “hello” to sharks. Minus craic.
No, what I’m hoping for is a more chilled out affair. Tea cups and saucers kind of thing. As if! Whatever they have secretly planned, I’m sure it will be fabulous. I’ll just have to spend the next five months being patient and not running constant searches through my little sister’s internet browsing history – by the way sis, there is help available.

So, next on our list is getting our invites out into the general population. We spent a Saturday a couple of weeks ago writing and addressing them and it was the most fun ever – for about the first five. After that, I was distracted by the dog, a passing car, a daddy long legs and then the dog again before Mr Brady made me return my focus to the task at hand. Seriously though, you should see our dog. She could distract for Ireland in the Olympics. You You really should see her. Here you go.
Capture Dog
In the meantime, our lovely wedding planner has been sending us feedback forms from brides who have just gotten married in Nerja. Can I just say that I love seeing these in my inbox. Some brides, ones with whom I could be BFFs have gone on for pages and pages talking about their day and I soak up every word. As I read them, the excitement reaches fever pitch and I can’t believe I still have to wait seven whole months for my, excuse me I mean, OUR special day.
Besides all that, we’ve been booking our marriage preparation course – you bet your life I’ll be devoting a full blog post to that! We’ve also been thinking about those “little extras” those things that we’re hoping will give our guests the best day ever – and if you think I’ll be talking about those on here you’ll be sadly mistaken. Like my lovely bridesmaids, I too have my secrets!
Besides all that, we’re just praying for warmer weather and a bit of sunshine and scowling as the next horrible aul storm comes dancing into town. What are we on now? Imogen? Never met a one I liked. Never met one at all actually. I’m sure they’re all perfectly lovely. Would tie my trampoline down when she’s about though. Just sayin like.