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While a bride’s dress may be the most important piece of clothing on show at a wedding, it’s essential not to overlook the opposite end of the scale – the groom.

Currently there’s no denying that the classic black and white colour scheme is very much at the top of most men’s lists – however, it is becoming increasingly popular to branch out and move on to clothing comprising of an array of colour and accessories, most of which can make choosing a man’s outfit both more challenging and more enjoyable.

However, there are a lot of basics to get out of the way first. Most importantly, finding clothing that fits. The groom should ensure that the outfit he chooses fits his body type, and leaves enough room to manoeuvre.

From the moment they walk up the aisle, to the moment the couple take their first dance – the clothes will be tested for comfort in a range of scenarios. So think ahead. In dressing for your body type, be sure to seek advice from a tailor as certain styles compliment certain figures.

In terms of the clothing itself for 2013 while the classic, tailored look is timeless, there are plenty of instances where it’s possible to branch out, express oneself and find a style that suits both the groom, and the bride – as well as the overall theme of the wedding.

Lighter colours are more suited to summer and spring, while darker shades are popular during winter and autumn. Generally most grooms tend to play it safe with a classic, tailored look.

However deviating away from this look is an increasing trend. Adding quirky detail like a skinny tie or a cravat can make the groom stand out from the crowd.

There’s also opportunity for adding a splash of colour through floral shirts, the tie itself, or even a niche silk handkerchief in the front pocket.

Overall, the important thing is to find a suit that fits, that doesn’t clash with the style of the wedding – and one which makes the groom feel comfortable and ensures that he looks just as dashing as the bride.