The Art Of Delegation – Making Sure The Big Day Runs Smoothly

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It can pass by in a whirl – the biggest day of your life and a new beginning as a married couple, and yet you can end up dealing with the tiny issues that can crop up and distract you from the enjoyment.

But you can take action to avoid this and make sure you can soak up all the atmosphere content in the knowledge that all the elements of the big day are taken care of. And, that’s when your wedding party comes into its own – after all they have agreed to be a part, and take part. Unless they are asked they won’t know what to do.

The bride and the groom need to make sure that their plan for the big day is known by everybody and everyone knows what they need to do. Who needs to collect what before the wedding day? Who is liaising on the timings? Who has organised the rehearsal?

All these questions can be sorted out beforehand, but come the day you need to make sure that everything is organised – especially the ‘C’ word – children! You might write that off to parents’ responsibilities, but let’s face it, over the course of the day they will get a little bit bored and crave attention.

Can the groomsman or bridesmaid organise some kid-friendly entertainment? A clown, family entertainer or a bouncy castle will break up the day for them. Also, make sure someone is well aware that the children know when they have to be ready, whether it be accompanying the bride down the aisle or a task they will enjoy.

Older children, for example, may enjoy handing the telegram/text messages to the best man or toastmaster, or even reading one or two themselves. However, it is important that the happy couple are not the one’s doing this.


Equally, the music is a vital part of the day. You’ve chosen the song for the first dance and the track for the wedding party to join in, but what about the rest of the evening.

Choose members of the wedding party who are familiar with your guests’ tastes to brief the DJ throughout the evening – you don’t want a country and western song for a group of classical music fans or a heavy metal track playing when everyone wants a selection of Beyonce and Taylor Swift.

The most important part of delegation is to decide what you really want to do and what you think others can be part of. Whether it be transport, toasts or timings, think about what can be planned and organised in order that you can really revel in the day.

They want to help, so make sure they do – this means you and your beloved can create memories for a lifetime without the added stress.

By Jonathan Traynor