The average cost for a guest going to a wedding has been revealed

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The average cost of attending a wedding has been revealed… and it’s a whopping £377 (or €509).

£377 (or €509) - the average cost of attending a wedding...

£377 (or €509) – the average cost of attending a wedding…

According to a survey by Nationwide, guests spend an average of £377 or €509 per wedding. This takes in the pre event stag/hen do, present, the outfit and your outgoings on the day such as drink, fuel and accommodation.

The survey took in the views of 2,000 people and revealed how expensive it has become to share the happy couple’s big day.

Local economy benefit
But – at least the local economy benefits! With the average Northern Ireland wedding size of 100 guests, that means close to £20,000 or €27,000 is spent pre-event and on the day. In the Republic it’s different as the average wedding size is in the region of 250 guests so therefore you’re looking at £47,000 or €63,000.

All in, it’s an expensive piece to get through the letterbox – but, then again, seeing close friends or family tying the knot is often an unforgettable moment!