The Do’s And Don’ts Of Customising Your Wedding Vows

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It’s your big day and you want to make it as special as possible. One way to do this is by customising your wedding vows, which adds that little extra magic to the ceremony. When creating your vows, however, there are certain things you should do and others you should avoid.

Keep on the right track with these do’s and don’ts for this heart-warming part of the ceremony:

Do: Agree on a tone and format

Decide how you want your vows to come across and how you wish to deliver them. Do you prefer them to be romantic, or do you prefer a more humorous slant to them? Will you make the same promises to each other, or different ones?

Do: Set a word limit

Customising your vows is very sweet, but remember to keep them reasonably short. If you were to spend a lengthy 20 or 30 minutes detailing every little detail you love about the other, it could all become a bit too heavy and unbalanced. You can keep the main details of your vows a secret, if you wish, but agree with your loved one to set a word limit.

Do: Make it personal

The whole point of customising your vows is to convey your love to the other way in a special way. Discuss some of the things that make your partner the only person in the world for you and how much you value them.

Don’t: Include anything cryptic or too personal

You’re personalising your vows, of course, but don’t make them too personal. Remember that you’ll be making these in front of an audience, so don’t refer to anything intimate or blatantly inappropriate. You should also avoid including private jokes or secret names for things or for each other, otherwise you’ll isolate your audience.


Don’t: Turn the whole thing into a joke

It’s okay to add a funny story or lighten the mood with a humorous vow, especially if you’re the kind of couple that likes to laugh a lot. Remember that the vows are an important part of the ceremony, however, so don’t go overboard with the humorous touches.

Don’t: Get too worked up

Yes, creating your vows and reciting them in front of an audience will make you feel nervous. Remember, though, that this a happy occasion, so try not to get worked up. Just remember to keep calm and speak from the heart and you can be sure you’ll get everything right.

Do: Make a copy of the vows

Make a copy of your vows to give your partner so that they can look back on them with joy. They can frame them or even turn them into a romantic little DIY project.

Customised vows are one of the most magical ways to make your wedding ceremony special. Use the list above to tailor your vows so that the moment can stay with you both forever.