The Final Countdown!

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Okay, so it’s not really final but still, THREE MONTHS! As I continue to be astounded by time and the fact that it keeps progressing, I thought I’d share a kind of overall update of where I am three months out from the big day. This will undoubtedly make you all feel loads better as you realise that you have millions more done than that crazy Spanish wedding girl and you can rest easy and pat yourselves on the back and get a good night’s sleep to your wee selves. That is my gift to you all – THREE MONTHS OUT!!

  1. Dress – Boxed upstairs, may need alterations who knows? Not me!
  2. Suits – TBC Mr Brady wants to surprise me so I haven’t a clue what’s going on suit-wise. I’m doing a pretty good impression of pretending I’m okay with this. I’m awaiting my Oscar nomination any day now.
  3. Photographer – Booked. I think he’s going to need a wider lens. I jest, we’ve met Bob, he’s great we’d trust him with our…well our wedding photos obvs.
  4. Band & DJ: Chosen on word of mouth alone, we’ve never actually heard them play cause you know, Spain. Again, Oscar nod.
  5. Cake – Someone has been chosen to bake it. Yay! (Best bit of whole day IMHO)
  6. Flowers – I believe they are growing somewhere in Spain and someone plans to pick them for us closer to the time.
  7. Jewellery & Shoes – Empty bank account says they are bought. Sniff.
  8. Honeymoon – Sorted. Throw the cake in the sea; this is the new thing I’m most looking forward to!
  9. Weight loss – I’ve lost a stone and a half!! I have done this by spending more time in the gym than I do at home, and by reacquainting myself with plants what you can eat (aka vegetables)
  10. Miscellaneous – mass books, decorations, favours etc etc. Nothing done. Nada. Squat.

Now breathe a sigh of relieve North West Brides, things aren’t as bad as they seem right? It is a very exciting time for us all and I know I keep joking about it but it really is true that these months will whir by in a haze. It’s all too easy to not stop and smell the bridal roses every so often.

With that in mind and because I can’t smell any roses where I live, I’ve decided to focus on the smell of…fun! I’m attending my first hen party of the summer in little over a week and I can hardly wait. The destination is Carlingford (I’ve never been) and the bride is a good friend girl whom I’ve lived with at university and let’s just say her girls have done her proud in terms of the itinerary.

Bride blindfold

Then, my own hen party is only four weeks later!  Against all odds, my long suffering bride slaves have managed to keep it all a secret from me and I still know absolutely nothing about it. Here’s what I’ve managed to suss out through stealth and bribes

  1. There’s eleven of us going. A nice neat number which means less chance of losing a hen in the middle of who-knows-where.
  2. It is two night and one of those nights is fancy dress.
  3. There’s a bus involved. Yay! I love buses, beep beep!
  4. Apparently this bus leaves at 9am. Yes, that’s 9AM as in 9 IN THE MORNING! Suddenly, not so keen on buses and I think my brides slaves hate me though I can’t think why…

Murder plans aside, the girls promise me I’m in for the weekend of my life and I have (almost) no reason to doubt them. Yes, there definitely are loads to be excited about as wedding season gets into full swing not least of all digging out that old credit card and seeing what it’s really made of.

I’ve been putting mine through its paces of late, what with wedding expenses and hen party outfit and let’s just say my visa has proven itself to be less Rocky Balboa and more Titanic. Talk about unsinkable; if flushing the thing doesn’t work for me, I’m off to try burying it. Somebody stop me, indeed!

credit card Kaput

As the saying goes, it’s all good fun until someone goes into overdraft. Besides the excitement, it is also a very expensive time, as the cash seems to be coming in the back door then waving ‘see ya’ as it races out the front. It’s not easy girls, but we just have to look ahead and promise ourselves – it’ll all be worth it on the day! And if you’re feeling really really stressed to the point where you think you might want to kill someone? I can recommend a good way to relax: lists.